In the Land of Make-Do

I have finished piecing a charity top. It started when I was cutting 6 1/2-inch squares for kits for another project. These were left.

Quilt from left overs

42 x 56

Not the right number for any pattern I might think of. Two linking features: flowers and pink in each print fabric. And my refrain, “it will keep someone warm” links it with some other charity quilts I’ve made.

I am having a chuckle thinking of future quilt historians finding this quilt in 2075 or so and trying to figure out what “they” were doing “back then.”

Linking up with Oh Scrap!


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10 responses to “In the Land of Make-Do

  1. Am hoping that The Future will say “They” were sharing warm hugs with someone who needed them! Great use of ‘leftovers!”

  2. Are you quilting instead of watching the superbowl? 🙂

  3. Quilting is my sport of choice too!

    I think it is great to put together a quilt for the sake of just keeping someone warm. It will be much appreciated I am sure.

    Thanks for linking up with Oh Scrap!

  4. I think it is great to make quilts with what you have. I’d hope someone in future would see the special purpose behind it.

  5. Hi!!!! It is really pretty!!!! I am sure it will be loved!!!!

  6. It very much appeals to my sense of symmetry! It will be so huggable …
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  7. Scrappy ‘leftover’ quilts are the best! Linda

  8. dezertsuz

    Always good to confuse the historians, in my opinion. =) I like the top, and it WILL keep someone warm and hugged.

  9. martidiy

    lol, I use the phrase “well, it will keep someone warm” many times. And it’s true! I like scrappy quilts though, and I like that yours is pretty and resourceful to boot.

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