Belated Finish Photos of Doll Quilts

Because Logan enjoyed playing with the doll quilts destined for charity, I decided he needed his own for his birthday. Only I forgot to take pictures before putting them in the mail. So his mom took some for me.

The quilt to the left was Plan A, various animals playing various musical instruments–both things Logan is familiar with and enjoys identifying. But then when some repairs were being done, he was fascinated with the screwdriver. Soon after he got a tool bench and played with it for 2 whole hours and more after dinner. Since I had the tool print, it seemed he needed that one too. Not quite I-Spy quilts, but lots to talk about. (Alas, I can’t make the video of him finding the saxophone work but you can see him studying the tools.)

Studying tool print

Someone else in the family liked the quilt.

Cat on quiltAny self respecting quilt needs a cat (or dog). Now the interesting thing is that Shirley, the cat, has so far only chosen this one. Poor low-esteem tool quilt. Logan tried to help by wrapping her in it.

Cat wrapped in tool quilt

I don’t know if she stayed long enough to establish the quilt’s dignity or not.

Linking up with Finish it up Friday, TGIFF and LAFF when links are available. (Hmmm. since it is almost noon, maybe I should say, When I wake up, instead of when available.)


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8 responses to “Belated Finish Photos of Doll Quilts

  1. martidiy

    Looks like the kitty is snuggled up to the doll under the blanket. So cute!

  2. Too cute – perhaps Shirley is more attracted to the quilt with more contrast. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, and leading me to yours.

  3. quilt32

    Logan is so cute – he really is inspecting the quilt, isn’t he/

  4. This is a great post! I found myself smiling at the end of it. Great learning tools!

  5. It’s always fun to see kids enjoying the quilts we make, isn’t it? Those are both great little quilts, and hopefully kitty will decide to give both equal attention! Thanks for linking to TGIFF.

  6. Cher

    such fun quilts..! good to get Logan addicted early 🙂

  7. What cute doll quilts! I’m sure they will get lots and lots of use.

  8. hehe! Cats and quilts – just completely go together, don’t they? What an adorable cutie, too.

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