Mystery Clue Two Auditions

The mystery continues. From Step 1, here, I’m ready to move on. Moira of The Quilted Snail posted clue two. First assemble blocks as you wish.

Layout 1

Well, if I arrange the red as I want it, it would turn out like this. Very symmetrical arrangement of the bordered, unbordered and of the two without red strips.

On the other hand, I could focus on the borders.

layout 2I lose the alternating vertical/horizontal of the red, but get both “neutral” colors in each side. Hmmm. The two without red are together. In spite of  (because of?) the loss of symmetry, I rather like it.

After sewing them together we are to add a circle somewhere that it touches two squares. I have two fabrics to audition for that circle. First the purple–it has a big aqua flower in it, and here is a place I know that the piece will be big enough to show it. Ah here is where the mystery rub comes in. Since I don’t know what is coming next, I don’t know if I’ll have another chance.

Auditioning purple batik

I’m thinking a ten-inch circle; it depends on what size plates and bowls I have for patterns. Here is a close up to show the aqua flower.

flower, detail

I have a second purple in my six “other” fabrics, so it would not stand alone. But there is also a reddish  batik with aqua marks that looks good.

Auditioning red batikAs much as I want to use the purple, I think this one looks better. It seems to finish the red markings. I’ll have to take my chances on using the purple with the whole flower showing later.

Linking up with Needle and Thread Thursday and maybe some others. Depends on what else may get worked on. I know I’ll not be linking with any of the Friday finish blogs–no finishing is going to happen. And it isn’t an art quilt. Another week for those.


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5 responses to “Mystery Clue Two Auditions

  1. Definitely a quandry. =) I can’t say anything, as I normally would, because I don’t want to influence anything. I did pattern test this mystery, and I can’t find a single one of my photos!

  2. Those are great blocks, and such an interesting mystery quilt. Very different from anything else I have seen.

  3. Hi!!!! Fun!!!! Yours is looking great!!!! I have started on this one too!!!! I am glad I saw your post about it….cause I am having fun….I really messed up on mine but it will still be interesting!!!!

  4. Oooh, I love the batik with the flower centered ……..but the red would also be nice. Aren’t I helpful here……………lol. I do really like how you bordered the blocks with two different colors. =) G reat work so far.

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