Lan Su Chinese Garden, Late January

Two years and I have missed the plum blossom tree in full bloom, being too early and/or too late. This year I am determined. . . . Not quite yet though.
First view of plum blossom treeNot a bad show–and the best I’ve gotten so far– but not full bloom yet.

Now it is supposed to be the first bloom of winter, but the tree to the left either didn’t know that or decided to upstage it.

Tree to left

Actually the guide said that this tree was blooming over a month early since the winter had been so mild.

The floor mosaic honors the plum blossom tree too: Plum Blossoms on Cracked Ice. (My blocks for the Cracked Ice quilt reminded me of this floor, hence the quilt name.)

Floor mosaic

Other flowers were blooming.

These photos are to say to all folks stuck in snowdrifts that spring will come. The upper left flower is called Wintersweet, and it does have an amazing fragrance. The lower left is one I’ve been calling forsythia; however, it is winter jasmine. Today’s guide was very good about naming the plants–too bad I don’t remember all of the names. The bees were enjoying the other yellow flower–one whose name I didn’t catch. And the lower right is the red rose that has been in bloom every visit since I’ve been watching it.

And here is the ritual view of the landboat.

landboatNote that there are no longer any persimmons hanging on to the tree to the left. I’m thinking I need another ritual shot besides the land boat. How about this bridge?

Bridge and Lake Tai rockThese two views capture four of the five elements of a Chinese philosopher’s garden: water, stone, architecture, and of course plants. What is missing is poetry. Another visit.

And one last view of the plum blossoms.

plum close up



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3 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden, Late January

  1. Oh, yay! Your first view and mine, too. I think I’ve been waiting for your photos almost as much as you have. =) I love the bridge shot. That is simply gorgeous. Thank you for all the flowers and the time you take to post about this garden. I really could live there in a tiny apartment and just visit this garden all the time. =) In warm enough weather, I could sit and stitch there. It would be lovely!

  2. Very nice photos! You inspire me to visit.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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