Quilting Fading Charms

The Fading Charms top has been in waiting quite a while. (It is hard to believe I started it in 2012. Posts here and here.) There is something about the bottom of the pile that keeps getting lower. While I have plenty of ideas I could start on, there are no new projects that need to be done right away. So it is time to tackle the to-be-quilted pile. I’ll be making a list for a UFO project at guild, but for now just pulled out one that had a back ready.

I knew how I wanted to quilt the narrow borders (circles and ribbon candy) but took some time deciding on what to do with the center. And of course I wanted to start with the center.

Daisy quilt pattern

I considered straight line, but didn’t want to pass up a chance to practice something else on this busy background where the quilting isn’t the first thing to be seen. For stability, I wanted the quilting design to run through most of the seams. Straight line would have done that, but so can the daisy pattern with some echoing.

My stitch is getting much more even on top. The tension varies on the back. Since sometimes it is perfect, I doubt adjusting the tension would do much. I’m thinking speed of sewing is a factor in the changes. Any other suggestions? I think there are enough tight stitches to hold the quilt together, so I’m not ripping. But I will be testing speeds and results on practice pieces later.

I have learned that I like to do quilting designs that have built in places to pause and think about where to head next. And curves that are not too large. (I love to look at quilting with large curves–may work into it. Or it may be precluded by my sewing space.)

In addition to the glitches when I go over seams at the corner (the side seams seem okay), there are the jerks when my hand accidentally hits the light bulb! Gotta keep track of hand/light locations.

The tutorial for the Fading Charms quilt comes from Wedding Dress Blue.

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4 responses to “Quilting Fading Charms

  1. dezertsuz

    One of my favorite Deanna designs (I’ve done three, if you count the baby quilt), though I want to do the Growing Up Odd one this coming year, too. I think even speed is your key to the tension issues. You have progressed so far with your FMQ.

  2. Cher

    I agree with dezertsuz…speed really does make a difference and even tension holding on to the quilt as you move it. I like listening to music while I quilt..it helps me keep a nice pace. looks great so far!

  3. Bea

    Dropping in to say hi! ( do add your email when you comment on mine too)
    Tension is always tricky, are you doing domestic or long arm quilting?

  4. What a great way to practice FMQ. Using ufo’s to practice (and improve) my fmq is something I want to do in 2015. Can you believe it is almost here! Merry Christmas!

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