Early Christmas

Sometimes family life and calendar life don’t coincide. So we celebrate when we can. Logan is almost 2, and toddlers can be quite entertaining.

We did sight seeing things, of course. We were one of three small groups late in the afternoon at the Lan Su Chinese Garden.


I’m sure part of our enjoyable 2-hour visit there was that Logan led the way. He thought he was in a BIG park.

Wall and windows

We did our ritual stop at the tea house (alas I neglected to take pictures there) where his favorite food was the cucumber garnish. Adults enjoyed moon cakes, steamed buns and dumplings. And of course tea.

And I have to have the ritual shot of the persimmons tree, even though Logan is not in it.

persimmons tree

Not the usual angle, but the same tree.

And the red rose was in bloom, though it was getting too dark to get a photo of it. Sunset was around 4:30; garden visit 3:00-5:00. A visit at dusk was a new experience.

The next day was as full as a 2-year-old can handle. First the Benson Hotel’s gingerbread display.

Gingerbread castle

Gazing at the 150 lbs. of housemade gingerbread, Logan said, “Toys!” Luckily he has learned (most of the time) to enjoy things with his eyes. From there to the children’s section of Powell’s City of Books, then to VooDoo Donuts, then the Christmas tree in Pioneer Courthouse Square. No photos. What were we thinking?

Even though light rail is not new to him, Logan got excited to be on the “Big train” with “People,” and even moreso when another train passed us. We rode to N Interstate and N Denver to see the Paul Bunyan statue. Logan was not as impressed as we expected, but he did comment, “Big boots!” No photo because we were hurrying to get out of the rain at Posie’s Cafe for lunch. Next time Logan saw the statue it was from inside the car, and he pointed and said, “Little big guy.”I love trying to follow his logic as he chatters. I’m thinking this statement was a comparison of the apparent size from the car window in contrast to the closer view walking by, and “big guy” was the name of the statue, and this time it looked little.

Another day we went to the train museum.

What a clever museum! The adults loved the three working vintage engines–one of which was being steamed up for an excursion the next day. (We would have ridden it except they were leaving the next morning.) And a toy train for toddlers. We had thought Logan might not let us get our fill; it turned out his interest lasted longest.

And then the early Christmas gifts.

It took a while to get the hang of unwrapping gifts; then Logan wanted to help everyone, play with the paper, and start rewrapping things. (Did you see the placemats in one of the photos? They got finished in time.)

In addition to all that sight seeing and gift excitement, there was food, conversation, and hanging out time.

hanging out

More fun than the toys was playing with the afghan, poking fingers and toes through the holes, wiggling and watching the afghan move. Who needs toys?

Linking with Anything Goes–Hey there is one mention of a quilt.



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8 responses to “Early Christmas

  1. Helen

    He is so cute and so big. You get to enjoy him on a whole new level!

  2. dezertsuz

    What a wonderful few days! I love your last comment. It’s so true. Who needs toys when the whole world is a toy?

  3. Florence

    It’s Christmastime, and time to Comment. ~~ I’ve lived in Portland all my life and haven’t experienced all the places you have already. Very impressive! How fun to share those things with grandkids when their eyes and minds are still wide open.

  4. You’re right. You mentioned “Quilt” so it totally counts! What a cutie this boy is. It’s so fun to have little ones around during the Holidays to make everything so much more fun. And the placemats are beautiful.

  5. I love the last photo of the two of you smiling broadly–isn’t that what Christmas is all about? It made my heart sing a little today. Thanks and glad you had some fine times with your family.

  6. quilt32

    Logan is so darling. I love kids at every age, but this is a particularly good age, I think. I chuckled at his liking the cucumber garnish.

  7. Karen Waggoner

    He’s growing up much too fast. But what a good age. Everything is a wonder to them. They’re like little sponges soaking up everything, including the energy of the adults around them. Glad you got to spend time with him.

  8. Cher

    oh what joy! A lovely fun filled visit and special time together. I am sure the time seemed to fly by all too fast. You all did so much! Your links are so delightful and the photos gorgeous. I am so happy for you to have had such a fun and delightful visit from family. thank you for this wonderful post.

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