Christmas Placemats

Since December is getting closer, the placemat project is back. It started with fabric I won, and I got as far as making the tree blocks before I set it aside for other projects. (I shift projects like you shift chairs in the game of Musical Chairs.) Back in August or September there was no need to rush, right?

Here are two of the tree variations, ready to be quilted.

I curved the corners so I’d not have to fuss with making them square. I can see I need to improve my freehand cutting or else make a template. Here are the other two tree variations, waiting for their turn at being completed.

Because some of the fabric had black background, I thought perhaps some of it on the tree was in order. Of the four, I like 2 and 3 the best. All the variations have the star fabric for the top square–gotta have a star on top of the tree.

I’d intended on plain green and red backs, but miscalculated and used some of the red for another project, so had to piece two backs.

If you were in a hurry, I think the stripes would make a fine set of placemats. Or if you were in a bigger hurry, a sngle fabric on each sides and another print napkin would also work.

Linking up with WiP Wed before I get back to stitching.

Since I didn’t get them finished, I’ll have to  just link some progress. 🙂 Linking with Show Off Saturday. I do have a couple quilted, but no photos yet. Wonder if a tutorial is in order…Also linking  with Fresh Sewing Day, a monthly event. And since Needle and Thread Thursday took a break last week, I’ll link this week. A new post is coming soon.

12/23/14 They are quilted and gifted, but I neglected to get the final photo. Linking with Val’s Tuesday Archives and Quiltville. Click and browse other Christmas quilty projects. In all my years of quilting, this is the first project I’ve made with Christmas fabric. I have plenty in my stash–might have to make some more.




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6 responses to “Christmas Placemats

  1. I was staring at some place mats in a shop yesterday thinking “I’m sure I could make some better than this”. Love yours! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  2. Cher

    I think these turned out great…the fabric napkins are a wonderful festive touch!

  3. You crack me up, because of that opening line about Musical Projects! I have a tree skirt I’ve been trying to get to for several years, but I only think about it in December, which is obviously too late. And here it is December, and . . . no tree skirt. Ah well. There is always next year!

    I think your placemat look great!

  4. well, these are way too pretty to use! LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  5. They are perfect, but I would be very afraid of letting my messy eaters near anything so nice!

  6. I love your blocks and ideas for the X-mas placemats. I love your work for X-mas.
    Love from Amsterdam

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