Lan Su Chinese Garden–November 1

I missed an October visit by a day. Still, there was more green than fall color, and only one tree had dropped its leaves. There was more color in the penjing than in the larger plants.

However, there was some color among the larger trees.

view of lotus, willow and orange tree

Although the lotus seem past their season, the lotus boat was still out amidst some lush yellow.

lotus boat

And then there is my favorite view of the day.

photo showing layers with orange tree

This four layered view showing how the illusion of space is created for the one-city-block size garden. To the left is the Lake Tai rock sculpture that is formed naturally in the water currents over the soft stone in the lake.

November’s feature is potted mums placed all around the garden. Since it is the very beginning of the month there are more buds than full flowers, but there was a very good preview.

And yes, the red rose is still blooming. I wonder which four months it does not bloom.

red roseAnd finally, the land boat view.

landboat and  persimmonsNote the almost ripe persimmons, upper left.  A sign said they weren’t really ready till December and asked visitors to leave them for future visitors. This is the first I’ve seen them ripe on the tree. Come December there will still be a few clinging.


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3 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden–November 1

  1. Lovely trip to your gardens. Ours are all desert-based (no surprise) so I often long for a water-filled place.

  2. dezertsuz

    I’ve come to love this garden, though I’ve never visited! It always makes me want to find a lovely place in Japan to feel relaxed and calm. I know it’s a Chinese garden, but it makes me think of Japan anyway. =)

  3. It’s been years since I visited this park so this is an inspiration. And there’s much to think about regarding creating the illusion of larger space within a small space.

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