Classic Meets Modern BOM–Flying Geese

It’s still October in the Pacific Northwest, so my BOM is on time. October’s challenge was to do a modern version of Flying Geese.

Flying Geese

Independent Geese

This started out as slice and insert flying geese of various sizes. At first all were pointed up and the orange ones were flying straight. The only decisions I had started with were that the angles were not to parallel the yellow print “goose,” and the orange ones were farther away.

Relative size is one way to show distance, so is chopping off part of the distant ones traveling “under” the closer–so be assured that the partial orange geese are done purposefully. The upper blue one is purposefully partial too: I think there is more motion when they enter stage left.

As I played with angles, it seemed fun to make the orange geese be a little disorderly; it was an easy step from that to turning the blue ones in the opposite direction.

And for once, a title came easily, Independent Geese.

ETA: Flashback to the 70s. This block is somewhat traditional in the fabric choices. Then white background was a given. One chose the print then two solids that went with it. Probably not so bold as these, however.  And for the record, in this case I chose the read-as-solids first, wanted a yellow that wasn’t too pale and came to this print. (In the 70s, if we wanted read-as-solids, we used pin dots.)

You might want to check out what others have done with this traditional block at Sew At Home Mummy’s Classic Meets Modern. Come Monday I’ll be linking with BOMs Away  and Anything Goes Monday (buttons to the right).



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6 responses to “Classic Meets Modern BOM–Flying Geese

  1. I like it! Thanks for your process explanation, too.

  2. I have a thing for classic meeting modern and think your block is wonderful!
    I wanted to Thank You for stopping by and linking up with “Anything Goes Monday”. I am enjoying be a guest host and meeting so many new quilty friends. I signed up via email to receive your posts and look forward to see additional post that you make.

  3. I vote this a success. I love the kiltering of angles and of course, the blue with the orange. Lot of flapping by these birds, that’s for sure! You are really getting good at improv–guess I’d better step up my game to keep up with you.

  4. You are very creative! I just follow the tutorial! 🙂 Great geese!

  5. I like this! Can’t wait to see what it becomes :).

  6. I love this. I love what you do every month!

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