Back to Those Scraps from the Kaleidoscope Quilt

I feel like I am alternating projects. The Retreat project and the Home project. I finally made a queen sized arrangement for the 54 blocks  that I ended up with (didn’t use five of them).

The Quilt Top

The head of the bed is to the right. There was only one place where I could set the step stool in this small apartment. I’ll work on getting a better photo after it is quilted. No way I could quilt this size! I have some ideas, though, and I’ll listen to my quilter’s advice.

I spent more time thinking than sewing.  I had graphed the setting while at the guild retreat last weekend, but when I laid it out on the sofa bed, there were too many blocks. I counted and recounted, checked and double checked. It finally dawned on me to measure the sofa bed. Not quite a perfect model. It is 72 inches long instead of 80. From floor to top is 18 instead of 25. Next time I use it for a model, I’ll be prepared.

Once I had the size figured out, I had to plan the order of assembly so I wouldn’t have any Y seams. I kept missing one and having to re-calculate. I guess extra time thinking is the price for choosing not to use a pattern.

I even have some ideas for a title: The Blue Hole and Cracked Ice, so far. Accepting suggestions!

There is a lot of white in it. If I were decorating, I’d make a blue dust ruffle (though any color in thw quilt would work) and several throw pillows for the upper right white corner. I’d make the pillows plain colors instead of patchwork, but use colors from the quilt.

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6 responses to “Back to Those Scraps from the Kaleidoscope Quilt

  1. Oh. My. Heck! I love that layout….it really works! What a creative, workable solution.

  2. dezertsuz

    I do like it! It isn’t something I would ever have thought to do, but the quilter will love all that design space. At least, I would have! This is going to be so nice on your bed. Dust ruffle? What’s that? LOL

  3. I do not know what is ‘dust ruffle’ either, bur I love your design. Beautiful! I will be come back to see your quilt finished.
    Love from Amsterdam

  4. As far as I know, Claire, ‘dust ruffle’ is still the correct term. I think commenter 1 was kidding (I think), because maybe adding a dust ruffle is “too organized”? And the other comment, from a non-native English speaker, it is understandable that ‘dust ruffle’ would be an unknown thing. If a quilt isn’t quite long enough to hang down the sides and ends and cover the bed frame, people sometimes put in a dust ruffle which is a “ruffle” (like a gathered skirt) that hangs down under the quilt, to make it pretty and cover up the bed frame.

    Now for my “real” comment: I love what you did with these blocks! I can’t wait to see it quilted.

  5. Cracked Ice. Definitely.
    Wow–what a great looking quilt! I love all the negative space, and I’d skip the dust ruffle and use a bedskirt instead to keep the clean, modern look. I finally bought one and all my quilts can go on it interchangeably–from traditional to modern.

    I am quite impressed with this quilt. I love that you used all improv blocks and kept a lot of negative space available. It’s beautiful. Can hardly wait to see how your quilter attacks this with the thread and needle. I’ll stay tuned.

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