Forty-one Blocks in Search of a Setting

Ten have become 41 (with enough scraps for 3 or 4 more).
41 improv blocksWednesday I said I needed 63-80 for the queen size I had in mind.  Forty-one doesn’t quite get me there. I’m not sure if I can get queen size out of these. Maybe if I creatively use negative space. Or think of something to add that fits in.

At least now that I see what I have, I can arrange and rearrange and plan concretely.

Stay tuned.

Not quite an art quilt, but I think some modern quilts are close enough cousins to link with Nina Marie’s Off the Wall Friday.



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5 responses to “Forty-one Blocks in Search of a Setting

  1. They are beautiful blocks! I think you could easily add some “negative space” in there as well as some borders and perhaps some sashing? I look forward to seeing what you do next!

  2. Most settings are so symmetrical it is hard to think of one for this spontaneous quilt…very interesting challenge. But, I do like the blocks. Maybe you could do something asymmetrical, though–like the Indigo Logs in this link???

  3. dezertsuz

    I feel that there is a kind of order in there somewhere, and yet, I also feel that maybe this is a time to let go and just throw them about until they are pleasing, without trying to over-organize them. Let them be free! =)

  4. This looks intriguing. The orange and lime green give a bold edge to the depth of the blues and each block invites the eye in to see what’s there. I think this is going to look fantastic when it’s finished

  5. What a fun project. It will be a treat watching you explore different ways to come up with a cohesive composition. The work already is jam packed with energy.

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