Not Just Any Scraps

I have some cut-aways that I have been saving.

kaleidoscope scraps

The left overs

They come from a kaleidoscope quilt that I made after a Ricky Tims workshop, somewhere around 2006. My local quilt guild had a show honoring our tenth year, so the quilt had to be somehow related to “ten.” Hence the title. And there really were ten different blue fabrics.


Ten Blues

For his method, one cuts and sews sets of strips, makes a pattern, then cuts wedges from the strips. If I make another one, I’ll not make all the strips the same width so I can reduce left overs.

This time I thought “someday” I would figure out something to do with all of them. I stitched the mirror image pieces together, then I stashed them in a baggie and they waited their turn.

Various ideas “out there” began to dance around in my head and change partners. I pressed the left overs and started to cut and sew. I had hoped to simply cut 6 1/2 by 6 1/2 squares for the most part and assemble just a few. I will be assembling most. Bonnie Hunter calls them “crumbs.”; Victoria Findlay Wolfe calls them “made fabric” and others talk of “improv fabric.” All seems the same to me. From these scraps, I will be making between 63 and 80 squares, setting them irregularly in white. The exact setting will be determined after I see them all. Ten are finished and many more are in progress. Arranging them will be fun.

Beginning squares

It turns out that I don’t want all the mirror image pieces attached, so I am spending a little quality time with my seam ripper. Tune in again next week for progress.

I’ll be linking with Val’s Tuesday Archives since this week’s theme is hand quilting and Ten blues is hand quilted, WIP Wednesday and Needle and Thread Thursday. (If you read before I get the current active links, there are buttons in the sidebar.)

I debated whether this qualifies as NewFO since the strata were made long ago. I decided, yeah, they were just fabric till I got an idea, so linking up.

Progress has been made also (here and here) and finished here. And now on the way to Paducah, and I am quite excited!

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9 responses to “Not Just Any Scraps

  1. It looks lovely as is!

  2. Love how the blocks are working up from the leftover pieces!

  3. WOW!! Awesome progress! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday ARchives!

  4. dezertsuz

    Wonderful scraps! I can hardly wait to see your solution to this puzzle.

  5. The kaleidoscope quilt is lovely. I’ve asked for his book for my birthday. I’m hoping to get a good medallion center or two from the technique.

    I’ll look forward to seeing what you do with the scraps.

  6. Love your solution for something that many people would consider “waste” fabric.

  7. Pretty fabrics! Great work on this!

  8. The blocks you’ve made from this old fabric are great! I always enjoy seeing what people are able to create from their scraps. Thanks for sharing.

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