A Local Quilt Show

The town my daughter lives near, Viroqua, WI, invited members of the community to submit quilts, so she submitted two I made and one of my baby quilts.
vintage baby quiltThe show was interested in old as well as new. My baby quilt is pink embroidery on white and is almost an antique. I think the figures are nursery rhymes–it has been a long time since I’ve looked at it.

The larger quilt (queen full; king coverlet) is from a Block of the Month (BOM) sampler I started with a local store in 2006 or 2007 and finished around 2010 after I had done a round robin and learned to make pieced borders.

Sampler quilt

I am following Moira’s lead (The Quilted Snail): “multi-fabric” quilt seems a better category than “scrap quilt” for when one buys a variety of reds, of greens, of golds for a quilt, thus reserving “scrap” for quilts made of left overs.

Space was such that it had to be folded in quarters. I have a full photo on FlickR; I’ll try again to insert. (Yay, I figured it out!)

chikkendale sampler finished al last--border
You have seen Logan’s baby quilt before, but here it is again.

Toddler and his quilt

Wasn’t it nice that it was at his level? We’ll let him touch his quilt.

Baby--showing face-- and quilt

And one more shot showing face. He almost looks guilty.



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8 responses to “A Local Quilt Show

  1. Cher

    oh how adorable Logan is! thanks so much for sharing these photos and what great quilts!

  2. Logan is very sweet and I love his guilty face! I hadn’t come across the term before but really like ‘multi-fabric quilt’ instead of scrap. Yours looks so great on the bed – I like these shots because you can see where everything falls and see things differently from on a wall (so I noticed how much I like the placement of your borders and also the dark red binding, which were not what I spotted in the first shot).

  3. dezertsuz

    How lovely to see them hanging in a show. Love your multi-fabric quilt!

  4. Great quilts and adorable little Logan.

  5. Helen

    Whow! the large quilt is beautiful. AND naturally, Logan is really cute.

  6. How sweet that he got to see and touch his quilt in a show! And I really enjoyed seeing your completed BOM from before. You did a very nice job making borders for it so it fits the bed perfectly. 🙂

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