Lost Edges, Top Finished

The Masterclass is drawing to a close. We have October’s assignment and then will get November’s. December is a time for comment on work we didn’t have time to post for the monthly finishes. It has been good.

I have the top finished for the September project and have received its comments. While it might not have had lost and found edges as it was blocked, it now is an “interesting solution to the lost edges problem.”

Finished top

13 x 14

I like seeing how much a few simple shapes can accomplish. I guess one thing I forego, then, is the high praise of more detail to see the longer one looks.

I hadn’t quilted it yet because I couldn’t decide between two options. Elizabeth suggested a third. I’d thought of stitch in the ditch around the pieces or short lines in the spaces, horizontal in the aqua and circular echos in the lavender and window like lines in the “buildings.” I’d thought of matching thread.  Elizabeth suggested more stripes in aqua or variegated thread, an all over design instead of three separate ones. That would be easier than all the color changes I was considering. I’m not sure I want light thread on the dark fabric. I’ll think on it.

The circle is inset; the right green “beam” is inserted. The others are needle turn appliqued.  I need more practice on acute angle stitching–this was my first try at that.

I don’t have a title yet; could use Lines and Circles #3. But Elizabeth suggested a series, so it should be a first, not a third. The floor is open for suggestions.

I foresee taking Elizabeth’s class about working in a series. I’ve read her book, but there is so much benefit in doing the lessons and getting the comment that it would not seem redundant. But it won’t be immediately as I am ready for a break from monthly projects.

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8 responses to “Lost Edges, Top Finished

  1. dezertsuz

    I’ll have more to say tomorrow, but I have to say now – I’m not a fan of Series titles.

  2. Marian Fernhout

    They look like searchlights in a night sky- much like your search for ” lost edges”.

  3. Chris Staver

    Claire, I like your quilt. As soon as I saw your sketches and the blocked out quilt I did think of searchlights. I have love searchlights since I was a kid. Usually they meant something great was going on….a circus, a fair, etc. I am not a big fan of titles like Circles 1, 2, 3, etc. I know that it is hard to come up with creative titles, but I think that is much better to find a unique title for each quilt. I have been fortunate that I have had some friends that have helped me come up with titles.

  4. Sun (or perhaps the moon), sky and houses behind a broken fence, is what I see… 🙂 Very interesting block!

  5. Nina-Marie

    I really like this and can see how it can springboard into a series

  6. It must be because I live in a household of comic book fans, but the first thing I thought of when I saw your beautiful quilt is Batman searchlights.

    I’m very impressed with this block. It is very beautiful.

  7. Lovely piece! Love the transparency color changes!

  8. springleafstudios

    I like the feeling of transparency too. Hopping over from Sew Solid Sunday.

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