The Challenge of “Lost Edges”

Yesterday was to be devoted to quilting, all day. Love those days! However, it wasn’t to be devoted to only the master class project. Picking out different colors of the same value turned out to be more challenging than I had anticipated.

I’ll start with the results: assignment to block a design finished. Submitted a couple days early.

Blocked design

17 x 15

It became more complicated when I reread Elizabeth’s comments and saw that there was more value work than only in the beams crossing the “moon.”  I needed three values of at least two hues. I started with the light-valued fabrics and lined them up, then  I checked my value sense by editing a photo to black and white. I was surprised at the ones that worked and the ones that didn’t.  (And let me say that the colors that do not work here appeared to work in the b/w photo auditioning. Not sure why the change.)

The only design decision I’d made before stash diving had been that the “moon” would not be white or any shade of yellow. Other than that, I’d see what fabric values worked and plan from there. The green and pink were the only fabrics with the range of three values that seemed to work.

Here is the desaturated version of the above photo.


Everything disappears like it is supposed to except the lightest values. Shopping would not be likely to help–I had recently shopped to fill some holes, including light values and values between values I had.  I begin to see why quilt artists dye their own fabrics.

When I compare the blocked design with the sketch, I see the “moon” has shrunk. Since only the moon is stitched, I can easily adjust that. And I must move that second building so that it doesn’t look like a lamp with a circle globe–didn’t see that till I took the photo. I also think the two wide beams are too wide. And maybe I’ll swap out one pink for another green beam. Elizabeth hasn’t commented yet; we’ll see what else is possible.

Linking with Needle and Thread Thursday and Off the Wall Friday.

ETA: Elizabeth commented approvingly, although it doesn’t show lost and found edges. There goes my idea that equal values = losing edges.  But then on another occasion she said  there have to be hints of the edges so that there is something to lose. Maybe that is what is missing here.


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5 responses to “The Challenge of “Lost Edges”

  1. Very good work on the tones. I hadn’t thought of looking at values by going to B/W, will have to remember that for my stuff.

    • It’s definitely interesting. It made me think of those things when I was a child where we could see all across our small town the lights that would circle across the sky from a big spotlight – and here the moon is in the background. I actually like the black and white photograph version best. =)

  2. It’s intriguing, like a snowglobe, or light post, moody like in an old city. I must admit I like the black and white one, you might consider doing one for real. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  3. Interesting and confusing! Understanding these concepts improve anyone’s color choices.

  4. That’s a very interesting piece. Thanks for linking up.

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