Time for Sketches

It is the ninth month of the MasterClass in art quilts with Elizabeth Barton. I’ve learned plenty, even in the several months where I didn’t have time to finish a project or didn’t like a project well enough to finish it. This month I will finish one. But first come the sketches.

The assignment was to create a design with “lost and found” edges. Up to a point, I understood. I understood obscuring an edge by having the object’s value the same as the background’s.

Sketch 1But that sketch was deemed only an exercise. Sigh. And leading the eye off the page. Not a good thing. I’ll tinker with that one someday, but not now.

Next comes the puzzler.  Lost edges by interrupted lines, as in Tim Harding’s Koi Shimmer. It is what I thought I was doing in this sketch:

Sketch 2


But no. Unless I merge the values of the grass with the background, there are no lost edges here. (Though EB liked the design.) So what is different between mine and his? Well, his whole fish were “interrupted” by lines to show light on the water above it. Here only a small portion of the wheel. And the whole surface of Koi Shimmer was water reflecting light. Which of the two features is most significant?

And then the sketch of the one I will be making, the one that almost got rejected as only an exercise then resurrected with a suggestion about color and value.

Sketch 3The moon and the light beams will be the same value but different colors. It was the suggestion. It was also my original plan, but it hadn’t occurred to me to say so when submitting the sketch.

Now, I hope I have enough fabrics of the same value to pull it off. I think the dark buildings will each be the same value but different colors too.

Stay tuned. The blocked piece is due the 20th. I plan to insert the circle, then do slice and insert for the beams. I think I’ll have to applique the buildings. I’ll probably quilt before appliqueing.

Linking up with Nina Marie at Off the Wall Friday.


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3 responses to “Time for Sketches

  1. Cher

    interesting..I think I would totally flunk this exercise!

  2. Your sketches are good. Sounds like a great class.

  3. dezertsuz

    I know I will like what you do with the third one, but I really like the middle one much better. To me, it completely looks like a wagon wheel buried in grass and weeds growing through it. Maybe some of the darker grasses should have been behind wheel spokes. Maybe they should have been all over the wheel spokes, along with some of the leafy vine, to get rid of some of the bottom orientation. But I really like that one best. =)

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