Decision Made

After pondering possibilities (here and here) I ended up liking three arrangements. One I didn’t have enough fabric for. And the final criterion for choosing between the last two? The easiest.

Double Z TopThe three that I liked divided the quilt top in half as this one does, extending my modernization of the block for Classic Meets Modern. The diamond shape suggested on Threadbias and the heart shape suggested here gave a more novel look. This one provided the traditional block for contrast as well as being easiest. Did it end up modern? Whether or not, it will keep someone’s lap cozy.

Now it goes into that black hole called “to be quilted.” I do have the quilting design planned. And I’ve cut the binding. I plan to bind it half and half, continuing the light and dark. Last time I tried that, even though I’d pinned carefully, the color change didn’t appear at the correct place. It’s turning the corners that throws the measurement off. So it is time to try again.



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5 responses to “Decision Made

  1. Look for instructions to sew a seam at the corner miter of the binding — I don’t know what it’s called, but that would make changing colors easy!

  2. What a really neat quilt !~! I have a small doll quilt that I used a pattern Very Similar to yours and it is one of the coolest pieces I have in my pile. My first visit to your blog via NT&T-thanks for showing this quilt.

  3. What about binding it in two halves, so you have two joining points instead of the usual one place, but join the same way on each side? This looks great. Sometimes going with what is easiest is also what’s best!

  4. Love love love it!! One of my favorite blocks 🙂

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