Two New Double X Layouts

Besides asking for feedback here, I’ve bugged my friends when they visit, and I’ve gotten suggestions on Threadbias. In addition to comments about the layouts and background, I’ve gotten more layout ideas.

A variation on the 9-patch layout.


Whereas the first 9-patch kept each block divided in half, this one shows the traditional block four times with only one modernization in the center. One comment gave a nice shift to the 9-patch. Instead of saying it is too traditional for the modernization attempt, the suggestion was that it would modernize the 9-patch setting.

The other suggestion was to tumble them. That was closer to my original plan that I thought I had to give up when I messed up the size. But the suggestion had me playing with it again.

Tumbled layout

I ran out of room on my 52 x 52 design wall. It would continue with the dark background blocks, either in a line for the left side of the quilt, negative space on the right. Or it could go diagonal.

The background suggestions were to use light against the dark-background blocks and dark against the light. I’d been thinking purple and lavender; someone suggested green. I have two greens that work very well. If I did this layout, the divide in background would be an angle extending the bottom block line. I rather like it not being straight. But suddenly the shapes (which never did look like Z to me) look like flying bats. Uh oh. and I don’t have enough fabric for the larger quilt, though shopping is no big problem. But the bats . . .

Without a deadline, I can think and play some more. And listen to new suggestions. If you have any, please comment.



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One response to “Two New Double X Layouts

  1. dezertsuz

    1. I never would have thought bats if you hadn’t suggested it. Nor even birds. 2. So what if they look like bats? They are the creatures who eat bazillions of bugs and keep us from being overrun by the insect kingdom. Maybe there *should* be a quilt honoring them. =) 3. What if your tumbling included some sideways and some upside down as it goes? Would that make the quilt too long? 4. Have you given up the idea of mixing smaller ones in? Maybe a variation in sizes would change what you see. 5. Maybe with the background colors in, it would be less bat-like? Okay, that’s it. I’m empty. =) The top one is appealing. You could use the green for the sides in the 9 patch, have either corners of smaller blocks, or randomly piece them into the borders. No, really, I’m empty now. =)

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