Lan Su Chinese Garden in August

Lotus flowers provided the spectacle for this visit to the Chinese Garden.


As always I did the tour–each guide gives a different perspective. This one emphasized the importance of the lotus having all three stages of growth present at all times: bud, full bloom, and seed pod.

I have not been as faithful to monthly visits this year as before. It seems good to follow the changes of late summer to autumn. The green is so different from the green of spring. I see a hint of fall colors to come.

Land boat

Here is the whole patch of lotus flowers in front of the land boat. This time, instead of tourists like me on the ‘boat,” there is someone enjoying the tranquility.

Traditionally the classical Chinese scholar’s garden was a way to bring nature into the city. Everything exists in miniature. So the lake is not large enough for a moving boat. The stationary land boat is meant to give the feeling of boating as the scholar and his friends enjoy an evening of wine and poetry. So said our guide.

Garden setting

As well as bringing nature into the city, he garden is designed to feel larger than it is, only one city block. One way this is done is through twists and turns and small rooms arranged like a maze. Another is layering. Here city buildings are apparent more in the photo than in the experience of the garden.

These red flowers stood out because everything else was either green or pastel.


Flowers reflected in lake


Much of the wood and stone were sent from the sister city in China, and workmen came to install it, to maintain authenticity. Language is an interesting thing. Today’s guide mentioned that we tend to talk of planting a garden, whereas the Chinese talk of building one.



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2 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden in August

  1. dezertsuz

    How pretty! That’s the same garden you did a few months ago, right? Love this season there.

  2. I love seeing the different seasons. We were there in December a few years back. An amazing retreat from the city.

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