At the Exploratorium

I wasn’t on this excursion, but I got the photos. I really enjoy watching baby intense interest, whether IRL or by photo.

The Exploratorium is a great concept for the little ones. I love the water proof smocks provided so that the kids can climb the steps and dip their hands in the water. Logan did too.


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4 responses to “At the Exploratorium

  1. Cher

    this is such a fun age! too bad you did not get to go along..but the photos are wonderful !

  2. dezertsuz

    That looks like so much fun! For him and for anyone. Thanks for sharing those pictures. We had something like that at the Arizona Science Museum, which is really for children. I was always as fascinated by the 7-10 year olds’ exhibits as they were.

  3. Karen Griggs

    Claire, cute pix! I really enjoyed our visit at the Russian Tea Room. Have you returned to Portland?? Karen

  4. He sure is darling and so eager to explore his world!

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