It is May and a new assignment for the masterclass–from a photograph subtract items, move items around, and add personal reaction.

zen garden

Well, that was fun to do. One thing that interests me is what I didn’t think of moving: Elizabeth suggested moving the front hedge and path. There is more moving and shading to be done, and maybe yet more.

I’d say this is the first time I’ve sketched without any thought to fabric or construction method (even though I’ve read advice to avoid such thoughts). So now that I think of blocking out a quilt, I am stumped. I have some used kimono fabric that might make a floral tree; I have a palette in mind: tans, peach, light aquas and greens. Darker green moss. Batiks.

But it looks like an applique project, and I don’t wanna.

It also looks too much toward realistic (for my taste anyway). And I missed one of the points of the assignment: find unexpected beauty and show its beauty. Nothing unexpected about beauty in a Japanese zen garden. And the emotion I’d be adding, tranquiltiy–also pretty ho-hum, common.

Perhaps it is a good thing this is a month I don’t have time to finish on schedule. I’ll let it sit a while and see what my subconscious offers me.


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4 responses to “Sketches

  1. Chris Staver

    This is a beautiful scene and a challenge to translate into fabric. I look forward to what you decide to do.

  2. It is beautiful, but what if you focused on just a smaller part? The rocks and green bit in the middle of the white? The big rock and the tree behind it? The pagoda, smaller rock and branches of the tree? And then what if you softened it by sort of crossing your eyes and unfocusing completely? And what if you used those watery looking batiks to make shapes that aren’t completely definable? Just thinking. You know I can’t resist doing this every time. I can resist taking the class, though. LOL

  3. Dorothy Matheson

    I find that the number three is the most pleasing to my eye and what I know about composition. There is a lovely focal point of the big rock. A triangle area in the three main items. A circle around of the walkway/hedge. All draws you eye to the picture.

  4. The unexpected beauty could be the shapes of the rocks. And you could get away from realism with fabric choices. I think you chose a perfect photo for the assignment.

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