Redefining Minimalism

Today I read farther down Barbara Brackman’s Historically Modern sidebar than I usually do and found an older post on modern minimalism.

Most of her examples fit what I had considered minimalism, which emphasized big, plain, and simple. However, I was surprised at the Kandinsky she included. Simple shapes, well yes, mostly squares and triangles. But what about those irregular shapes and curves? And it seemed so fussy, compared to the one above and below it.

Better to expand than constrict, perhaps.

I don’t have any photos today, but there are plenty if you follow the link to Brackman’s post.




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3 responses to “Redefining Minimalism

  1. dezertsuz

    Like many things, I suppose it can be open to interpretation, but I always think “less is more.” =) My friends call me a minimalist because my house walls are not covered with pictures and I don’t have cabinets full of “stuff.” But I don’t think of myself that way since I know how much junk is everywhere!

  2. I believe Kandinsky was trying to visualize music in these composition paintings. It “looks” like Jazz to me, ha ha!

  3. I love Brackman’s new blog posts–and love to read them. I’m thinking she just got sick of the current “moderns” claiming to have invented the form, and decided to bring some education to the party. Bully for her!

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