U.N. Reports on Climate Change Mitigation

Have you heard of Green Energy Victory Bonds? Listen up!

The latest installment of the U.N’s fifth Climate Assessment Report explores what we must do in order to lessen the negative impacts of a changing climate. 

As our understanding of climate change continues to develop, we hear more and more about a few particularly important numbers: to ensure that average global temperature increase does not exceed 2oC by the year 2100, we mustn’t allow the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide to exceed 350 ppm (parts per million). Currently, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 is about 400ppm, with an additional 2ppm emitted each year. Accounting for population and economic growth, CO2 concentrations are projected land between 750 and 1,300 ppm by the end of the century. To offset the emissions resulting from this growth, we need to substantially cut emissions by 2050 (by 40-70%), and to completely cease emissions by 2100.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC…

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3 responses to “U.N. Reports on Climate Change Mitigation

  1. dezertsuz

    Going to be hard to do with countries like China ignoring CO2 emissions.

  2. Just wanted to add this: I’ve read a review of Windfall by McKenzie Funk and want to read it (when I feel up to it). He traces companies that have elected to go for the fast profit in climate change instead of going for green development. I’m guessing there is more money there than in green; the victory bond idea would get more money into green research, development and manufacture.

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