Bridge #2

Whew! I just learned that the April due date had been changed to June for the “Bridges of Portland–Now” project (link here). With that reprieve, I can work on the piece for the MasterClass on line. The primary assignment was to take an earlier quilt and redo part of it focusing on line. Well, I don’t have a big repertoire of art quilts, and the ones I have did’t inspire any line play, not did the traditional quilts. So I worked from a photo of the bridge I was using for the guild project–Elizabeth had said we could work from a sketch as a second option, so I stretched it a bit.

Hawthorne Bridge weightThere are plenty of lines to work with here between the structure and the shadows. Which to choose?

First I worked with what looks like an observation window near the top–but keeping the idea of the X, though not resembling the photo.

Line sketchI started out with it in portrait with the long lines for the wires that lift the weights going the “right ” way. Then I liked it better this way. Today I like it the first way.

Another sketch that I like better catches more of the structure and ladders.

sketch 2I started out trying to duplicate a line or two, then just stated playing with the shapes and lines.

I don’t have comments yet so I don’t know what will need changing. I’m pretty sure the second is better, though. I’m not overly pleased with the first. One kind of welcome negative comment is a comment that reinforces my judgment about something I already thought weak. How about you? Are there any negative comments that for you are positive?

It would be nice if I could do two projects with one, but there is no way I could use the required print fabrics for “Bridges of Portland—Now” in this plan, which requires solids or stripes. I have a few more ideas for it as well, but am not committed enough to any to cut fabric. I’ll probably use up my “found” time sketching and debating and still be in a rush to finish the piece.

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7 responses to “Bridge #2

  1. Nina-Marie

    Normally for me E’s critique comments reflect what I already know even if don’t want to admit. Mostly its because it means more work. I haven’t read the latest critiques yet but I like the second and would just edit a bit and vary line thickness. Good luck!!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts/process…… I rarely start my pieces with a sketch but now seeing how your ideas have matured with each one…’s time to try that approach myself!

  3. This is quite an undertaking! I am really excited to see what you do with it!

  4. dezertsuz

    I’m not an art quilter. Guess I never will be, because I like the first sketch better. =) And sideways would be good, too.

  5. Several of the “Off the Wall Friday” artists are doing this Masters Class, thank you for posting, it is interesting to see each persons take on the assignment and how they incorporate it into their sketch, & finished work.

  6. Thanks for visiting my Blog this week! I’m so glad to be part of the Off the Wall Fridays link up group. Your bridge has fabulous lines and your project is quite a challenge. I look forward to seeing it develop! Go for it! and take care, deborah

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