The Last Top from the Purple and Yellow Block Lotto

The last top from the oldest set of lotto block winnings is assembled. Oh, I may have older lotto blocks, but not whole sets. I’d assemble what I could and the blocks that didn’t play well got set aside. But this whole purple and yellow batch got set aside–each grouping needed one thing. Sometimes I knew what it was, but other times I didn’t. Just “something.”

Such was the case with this last one. I had eight blocks and needed nine. I had a preliminary arrangement (link here) but had not decided on the center. As I pondered it, nothing seemed right. I kinda wanted that Hole-in-theBarn-Door block in the center since it was the most different with its lavender.  But I wanted dark purple against the yellow of the other blocks.

From the get go I had put the yellow stars with purple background in the corners, just because there were four, I suppose. It took a long time to realize that detail too could change.  Have you ever had one feature fixed–and barely realized you were making it non-negotiable? I finally got around to trying the What If?

Rearranged blocksYes, that block with lavender did look better in the center. And the two blocks with aqua centers looked better farther away from each other. And I had fabric I could use to make a partner to the block with the plain center. So I got to work.

I am interested in the upper-right corner block. I find it interesting that it has exactly the same shapes as the Saw-Tooth-Star block, arranged slightly differently and the color changed for the two corner squares. (I checked my trusty Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns–Barbara Brackman attributes it to Nancy Page, who called it “Indian.”)

I also find it interesting what one change will do in a setting.  When I assembled the blocks I turned the upper right corner block, and it made the whole top look more coherent.

Top assembled and borderedSo here is the final look. It became a little more dizzying–not quite optical illusion–when the points actually touched. Who would think that losing the 1/4-inch seam allowance would change the look that much from the trial layout? I chose the lavender border so the center block was not so alone. And I’ll bind it in the teal to relate to the two corner blocks. Someday.

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3 responses to “The Last Top from the Purple and Yellow Block Lotto

  1. dezertsuz

    Yes, turning that block and moving the blues apart were definitely the right choices. It looks very cohesive now.

  2. I was right with you in working with blocks to make them look “just right.” Some quilts have been on and off the wall so many times and then “pow” they go on the wall “just right” and you wonder why you didn’t see that one before. But you got it this time and you have a really pretty quilt. Good job.

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