Dresden Lady Returns to Being Lady in Waiting

Plans change. I got some really good suggestions for relating the Dresden Lady (link here) to the lotto blocks, but as I was looking at the design wall, a simpler solution occurred to me.

Finished topI did the math to see what the diagonal of the middle blocks would be (side x 1.41) and it turned out to be almost 18 inches, so if I floated them a bit, they would equal the three  12-inch blocks above and below. So I cut squares of 11.5 (using the length of the block as the desired diagonal, dividing it by 1.41 for sides. Add 1 inch for seam allowances plus one inch for floating) and cut them into half square triangles. That way the straight of grain is on the outer edges and the original 12.5-inch blocks float about half an inch.

Ironically, to make it seem like not  too much yellow, I added more yellow in the partial borders around the other blocks where lavender and yellow alternate. The side borders not only give needed width, but link the top and bottom rows to the middle.

With all that solid space that will show quilting, this top will wait for me to do a little more practice before it gets quilted.

And the Dresden Lady will wait to become a wheel chair lap quilt as originally planned. I have found the right yellow for her, finally–amazing the subtle changes in color over time. And I have scavenged some old fabrics with very small prints. I will gather some more before committing to design for her.

TGIFF is hosted by Mila + Cuatro this week where there is an adorable little girl’s quilt and other finishes to browse. For Link a Finish Friday, see the button on the sidebar.



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5 responses to “Dresden Lady Returns to Being Lady in Waiting

  1. Isn’t it great when something originally presents itself as a problem but actually you end up with an opportunity to make something awesome? Thanks for linking up!

  2. Discovering the “answer” is the fun in quilting! Your quilt will be lovely.

  3. Cher

    you can never go wrong with purple and yellow! great solution and now a top in waiting. thanks for sharing

  4. dezertsuz

    And that’s a perfectly lovely solution, too! Someone will be cheered on a cloudy day. =)

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