improvi robin time

I’ve been sitting on this one for about a month, and now it is due tomorrow.

three shoo fly blocks and sashing

as received

I put this one out on my “design sofa” for a couple days before beginning the Christmas-entertaining clean up. My subconscious didn’t work too hard on it while I had company, so it was back to square one when I got it out again. The large, irregular light pink Shoo Fly block was the starter. There is big stitch embroidery around it and the one in the lower right corner, a red spiral in the center and outline.

I am not sure the ideal orientation. The above was my first instinct, but then I saw the bear print had the bears on their side. so I turned it to think about it that way, with the bears right side up.

Things I considered doing:

-dark green saw tooth strip or two

-some bias echoing the red curve

-inserts echoing the green X

-more piano keys

-more checkerboard

-something with the drunkard’s path quarter circle block

I prefer brainstorming many things and then choosing the best or, more realistically, the ones I have fabric or patience for. So I never intended on doing them all (in case you wondered).

Fabric. I have cranberry and dark green. Not much pink. Wished for the shade of gold hat was in an earlier addition. Wished for the green in the checkerboard. I found the pink that has yellow in it and decided it would suggest the gold and would work so long as it wasn’t too close to really pink pink. I hadn’t had the spiral print fabric long enough to remember it. (I’d bought the fabric for the Keepsake Challenge, then decided I wasn’t inspired.) When I saw that fat quarter, I thought it perfect in color and motif. But two borders of it registered as too much–it would have to be broken up. The yellow green came from that set as well.  My fabric choices were improved yesterday by the medium green from the free table at guild. It is one of the older colors that I would like to see return to popularity–if it does, I think I’ll buy a whole bolt. When I trimmed the sides of the piece, I ended up with usable bits of four fabrics–always good to maintain some continuity, so I decided to use them somehow.

Robin with my additions

as sent out

Plan A was to make five square-in-a-square blocks either the same colors or various combinations and place them irregularly. Could be monotonous. Next I thought of the angled strips–quoting the piano key sashing, but not quite the same. That led to crossing it with the medium green, a nod to the earlier green X. I wanted something dark to make the smaller Shoo Fly stand out, and that led also to the dark extension of the mid sashing.

One more person will add to it, and then it will be returned to its originator to finish as she wills. I hope all participants post their finishes. You can see what gets has been posted here. (There are several groups, so more than the four I’ve shows are there.)



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4 responses to “improvi robin time

  1. Cher

    I think you did a fabulous job of pulling out the colors and feel of what you received and adding in something new as well. I think personally I would have been tempted to do another wonky shoo fly instead of the square in a square block…but really, great job in colors and enhancing what you were given.

  2. dezertsuz

    I like what you did. It seemed to be flying wildly everywhere and what you did tamed it. I like that you echoed some of the other design elements in your part. That swirly dot was a great color unifier, too.

  3. I agree with desertsuz. Your addition of the long elements at top and left calmed a design that had gotten a little out of hand (to me). And I like that the center left block almost has a transparency effect.

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