Lan Su Chinese Garden

It has been two years since I visited Lan Su Chinese Garden (in Portland, OR) in December.(Photos from that visit are here.) That visit was on a cloudy gray day (in fact that whole week my house guests were here had some rain each day). This year gave them more sun than rain, blue skies, and at the garden, clear reflections in the lake, and a heron for a special treat.

Tea House reflection

Tea House

No visit is complete without a stop at the Tao of Tea, which serves a large variety of teas in the tea house. Floral teas were our choices this time, accompanied by moon cakes with red bean  and mung bean fillings. We would have tried green-tea filling, but changed plans when hearing it would take an hour.

Land boat and persimmons treeAs before, the persimmons still clung to the tree, this time enticing a blue jay to feed.

Blue jayBoth birds were feeding, but I wasn’t fast enough to snap the heron with his gold fish. The heron stayed around for a couple hours posing for happy visitors with their cameras.


I caught this view

I think he knows he is gorgeous.

Heron with reflection

SIL caught this great silhouette

What a profile!

As before there were a few flowers in bloom, but they were different varieties than I remember from two years ago.

lan su yellow budred flowerwhite flower

We were there between 2:00 pm and 4:30 pm; it was beginning to get dark at the end, which put an end to my picture taking.



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5 responses to “Lan Su Chinese Garden

  1. Antonella

    Herons are so cool. Let’s both get heron tattoos on our calves! You in? ;o)

  2. dezertsuz

    What a beautiful place, Claire! For that alone, my son would move to Portland. It’s just his kind of thing. I love the shots of the blue heron – he IS gorgeous!

  3. Cher

    lucky day to catch wonderful weather and the heron was a bonus! glad the sun was out more for you and your company this year.

  4. quilt32

    You have some great pictures of some beautiful scenes. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Wonderful photos! They make me want to go there and see the birds and the blue sky.

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