Grandbaby Visit

Little Logan’s first Christmas and first visit to Portland are over. A lot can happen in a week. He made progress toward walking but still holds on to travel. Early in the visit he still mostly crawled to move and pulled up to practice or to play.

crawling babyNote the fashion statement for the Pacific Northwest–couldn’t appear without a plaid flannel shirt!

standing baby

At first it took two hands for standing, and one thing at a time was the MO. Gradually he got braver.

pulling out CDs

He kept busy for a day or so “organizing” my CD collection. Below he is leaning pretty heavily on the one elbow, though he is using the other hand to move things.

By the end of the week he crawled only if there was no furniture to hold onto and moved quite a bit faster with the holding-on walking. Sometimes he was barely holding on, but was not quite ready to let go. It won’t be long.

Christmas outfitsHis Christmas pajamas said, “Santa’s Little Helper.” His aunt was not to be outdone with her “I believe in Santa” shirt.

Opening presents was fun, as was playing with the wrapping paper.

opening presentsWe tried a few outings.

To Posie’s Coffee Shop

at coffee shopUndaunted, he chewed away at the cereal Os while we sipped lattes and ate sweets.

To Lan Su Chinese Garden where he enjoyed it his way.

playing with leafAnd was Mr. Sociable at the tearoom.

tea house poseI am sure that if we understood baby talk, we too would have gotten the joke. He charmed the waitress and worked till the people at nearby tables acknowledged him.

And on the last evening he joined us for dinner at Mee Sen Thai restaurant.

turtleneck shirt at Thai restaurant

When wearing a black turtleneck shirt, one must be more serious.

In a couple weeks he will be a year old; soon he will have to do something spectacular to get the attention he can get these days just by being himself.


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11 responses to “Grandbaby Visit

  1. Sue

    Oh my Claire – such a fun baby to be around- that’s ALL YOU need for Christmas…dream come true indeed! He sure looks like his Dad…

  2. That is one seriously cute baby! 🙂

  3. quilt32

    What a beautiful little boy! Those eyes are just too much.

  4. Cher

    ah nothing beats that charming baby boy! so glad your visit was such fun and enough time to really enjoy him…thanks so much for the great photos

  5. What a fun glimpse into your week. Grandson is so cute!

  6. dezertsuz

    Wonderful post. I am betting you were hoping he would let go and take those first steps while he was there, but we can’t hurry them, can we? I love all his pictures, what a sweetie pie.

  7. There is nothing like grandbabies – they are so entertaining. And, while mine are the best grandchildren in the world, I can agree that your grandson is adorable, too. 😉

  8. Antonella

    Baby boy was channeling Steve Jobs (and hence the pensiveness) in that black turtleneck. ;o) Seriously cute photos. Thanks for sharing. Happy Holidays!

  9. How cute. What a lovely smile.

  10. Oh I see you have a little cutie to spoil too!!! Love those smiles!!!

  11. What a cutie! Make me want to drive the 3 hours to see mine. Thanks for sharing!

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