The Quilt I’ll Never Make

One of the challenges in Victoria Findlay Wolfe’s 15 Minutes of Play is to make the quilt you said you would never make. Well, I’m not promising. But for the record, here are the things I’ve said I’d never do–some that I went on to at least learn how to do.

Embellish: it seemed for a while that embellishment was added because it could be. I didn’t see improvement. Then it began to seem more strategically added. I learned how to add beads. I haven’t used the skill yet, but it isn’t because I can’t.

Applique: As a young quilter I’d tried and seams got bumpy and ugly. I finally attended a workshop, and now I can manage the smooth curves and deep points. If I ever want to, I now can.

Dyeing fabric. There are so many steps to a quilt already, I’m not interested in adding another.

Landscape: I’ve pretty much stayed away from representational designs, choosing instead blocks traditional or modern.

Designs that require paint or pen to finish. Granted, they can end up looking quite realistic and beautiful. But it isn’t a direction that calls me.

Let me say that “I’ll never do it” doesn’t translate into “I don’t like it.”  I can appreciate beauty in what others choose to invest their time in without choosing to spend my time that way.

So this record of “quilts I ‘won’t’ make” waits in case I decide to do the challenge.


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3 responses to “The Quilt I’ll Never Make

  1. Cher

    I can relate so well to this post Claire. Each quilt you create needs to be true to your vision no matter what the current trends are. The best thing about making a quilt is doing your best and enjoying the process.

  2. I feel the same way you do about dying fabric. It’s beautiful, but so many people do it so well, and I’d just as soon buy the fruits of their labors! I have, and will again, dyed lace. Totally different process. I like this post. Maybe I’ll mull that over and post something myself in a few days. Thanks! I feel no need to challenge myself to make something I’ve said I’d never make when I actually have plenty to make that I want to! =)

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