Red-Blue-Yellow Doll Quilt and Others

The red-blue-yellow piece that I started here is now a completed top, and it is stitched to its Cuddle fabric back. The quilting will wait till the last two have been attached to their backs and I can change to red thread. No point in rethreading the needle more than I have to. Here is the top.

RYB top

20 x 20

I’m pleased with it. I’d miscalculated before, thinking it under 20 inches; since it measures 20, I’m not adding borders.

After I cut the remaining pieces needed and got them on the design wall, I moved a couple to get a better balance of color than I could “see” in my imagination. (“Visual designs need to be evaluated visually,” Elizabeth Barton (at least that is where I read it; it may be an axion.) )

Next I studied the sketch.

Graph paper sketch

Since I don’t like Y-seams, I added markings noting the units that could be combined in straight line stitching. I used it to guide transporting pieces to the sewing machine and the sewing itself. A time or two I’d have been confused without it.

As I started to contrast the quick sewing to the slower sewing for improv, I revised my thnking.  Both take planning, but at different points in the process. That this went together faster was an illusion, true only if I ignored the planning. Improv piecing shifts the design from one sitting to step-by-step cutting, measuring and evaluating. Sometime I’ll have to check my theory with a timer.

My plan was to make five doll quilts, ten if possible for the upcoming Toy N Joy event that the Firefighters sponsor as well as gifts for children rescued without their own toys.

truck star quilt

I have 13 tops (counting the red-blue-yellow one). This star uses the last square of the truck fabric left from a bunk quilt I’d made earlier. The flying geese made to form the star left me with “bonus” triangles that I made into pinwheels to go with the bear fabric that someone tossed my way at the quilt retreat.bear fabric tops

I had two other sources of pinwheels.  “Bonus” triangles from previous pink and green lotto blocks, and a little packet of already trimmed half-square-triangle blocks that I bought cheap at the Aurora Colony museum.

pink stars and pinwheels

All “bonus” triangles don’t end up in pinwheels; notice the pink triangle half border on the yellow star. And the yellow ones made a partial border for the red and white stars made from the Aurora packet.

red pinwheel tops

Of the thirteen tops, eight are finished and all but two are sewn to their backings. Quilting, as I said before, is being delayed. Quilting is stitch0-in-the-ditch. There is no batting to hold in place, so unquilted areas are rather large. I did not retake photos to show the quilting since it is so simple. The “fanciest” I got was wavy lines on the mostly aqua pinwheel quilt, but a tendency to pucker caused me to abandon that idea. Here is one photo of a quilted doll quilt.

yellow and green quilted doll quilt

It even has a pieced back: The piece of green wasn’t wide enough, but I had some color sample pieces. I wish the soft feel of the Cuddle fabric could be uploaded.

Doll quilts are fun because they work up so fast; however, they do not make much of a dent in the scrap pile!

ETA I’m joining up with Scraphappy Saturday. And NewFO link. Check out what others started.



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15 responses to “Red-Blue-Yellow Doll Quilt and Others

  1. quilt32

    These quilts are so wonderful and going to a good cause. I agree with you that I do anything I can to avoid changing thread too often.

  2. That multi-size doll quilt is wonderful! You did a great job on the design.

  3. Cher

    happy quilts! talk about almost instant gratification! at that size you can crank out a lot of quilts and not get bored or bogged down in a lot of piecing.

  4. Ditto on trying to avoid thread changing too often for me too! I love the yellow star with the pink HST half border the most, it’s so beautiful. They’re going to be loved by the Firefighters’ rescued children, such a good cause!

  5. dezertsuz

    Every single one of them is so cute, and will be treasured by a child. Is someone making dolls of one kind or another?

  6. So many happy quilts. Sounds like they will soon mean lots of happy kids. What a great chance to experiment with design and color.

  7. Such sweet quilts and a very wonderful idea.

  8. I use graph paper frequently when designing. seems to work for me. Great doll quilts. I want to make a few more as they are a good chance to trial machine quilting without that huge commitment of doing a design on a large quilt.

  9. Great use of scraps! Very fun doll quilts for a good cause.

  10. What cute projects! I know there will be some very happy children out there because of your generosity to make and donate all those doll quilts. Bravo! I’ve worked out my own designs to find ways to do just straight-line piecing without Y-joins too. Takes some figuring, but worth it in the end. I’m stopping in through the NewFO linky party.

  11. You got some really cute doll quilts. There are going to be some happy little girls out there!

  12. I don’t know how I would manage without the trusty graph-paper! Your projects are great!

  13. Amy

    Great projects! Planning is key!

  14. The doll quilt came together pretty much as I imagined it would.

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