It’s Improvi-Robin Time

I received a starter with one addition:

improvi robin received

as received

The start was the star and the surrounding diamonds and print to make it square. Addition one was ambitious: four points and the row of diamonds.

It sat on my “design sofa” for a couple weeks while I thought of what the quilt wanted that I felt like making. I briefly considered making more points. But I don’t like to paper piece. Just in case someone else might want to, I left that side alone. Remember our minimum requirement is to add to one side. I was leaning in the minimum direction.

When I work on a round robin I try to unify.  If a color in the original has been ignored, I try to use it.  If the addition has started something, I try to follow. Sometimes what is needed is change or contrast. I try to leave something new for the next addition to pick up on. I don’t always manage to do all three. Sometimes the piece isn’t ready for all three.

At first I thought to make my background lavender and aqua, picking up on the hint of change from black and white. But the bottom half of the diamond background to the left kept saying, “Pink” to me.  So in the background I followed the lead of the first addition by using all three. I pondered adding a new shape, but decided on less change. I’d keep diamonds, but make them larger. At first I thought of purple and deeper aqua diamonds. Then I decided I’d keep two colors in the diamonds like the starter, but make them horizontal. And instead of purple, which was well represented, return to some brights in the starter star.

So I did this:

my addition to the robin

as sent

If I were to do it over, I’d do three diamonds so that the size leap was not so big. I often don’t see the size right in my head when I am designing. So I laid it out after I’d cut the pieces, but for some reason, the size didn’t flash caution lights.

Once these robins leave my hands, I don’t have  photos of the follow up additions. There is a FlickR group where some of us are posting and a Threadbias group where I am in the group sometimes named Robin Hood and sometimes Group 2. In both places, I think you can view without joining, but not comment or post photos. (Let me know if I am wrong on that.)


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11 responses to “It’s Improvi-Robin Time

  1. quilt32

    I’ve never participated in a round robin and it looks difficult to me. I have a hard enough time dealing with my own design thoughts, let alone someone else’s.

  2. Cher

    both links work for viewing photos…nice to see more round robins in addition to yours. I have done a few round robin groups. At this point, I am not doing anything with any group for the most part. I agree, smaller diamonds may have worked better, but, you did a great job bringing back more colors and brightness.

  3. dezertsuz

    I like your addition. I’m at the start of this process and I love seeing things on your blog – and it’s your fault I got involved. LOL This helps me figure out what I’m doing. LOL

  4. Round robins stress me out sooo much! I’m always terrified of being the one that “ruins” a piece with a bad choice. I love your diamonds- maybe smaller would have been better, but they look great as is, and the colors are perfect.

    • Thanks. I understand about stress. Some groups get very fussy (if i have a clue ahead that a group will be like that, I avoid playing). This particular one starts with the rule, No Whiniing. And then, Anything goes. Less stress.

  5. This is definitely kind of project I would choose. I would have such a hard time to figure out what to do, lol.

  6. Em

    Round Robins can be a challenge I think you did a lovely job.

  7. I think your guidelines for yourself in adding to the round robins are very smart! and your additions here are lovely!

    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

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