Not All Design Decisions Are Good

ETA: Reviving this post for Val’s Tuesday Archives.  And I still haven’t dealt with the orange though the green has been finished and sent to a Shrek loving child. I have plans for the orange, but haven’t done them yet.  Button in the sidebar.

I considered not showing these, but then I get tired of thinking everyone else has only successes.

orange infant quilt

uh oh

The plan was that the bright orange would make the dark brown (which has some orange in it) kid friendly. Maybe it would have in smaller pieces and smaller doses.

Then there is the “lime green is the new neutral.”

green infant top

a green experiment

Trust me, it looks even worse in real life.  I don’t think having all lime green instead of some of the more olive green would have helped. Obviously, I was working on using up large scraps and quick quilts. In each of the tops, the pieces are 6-inch square. From now on, I think I’ll keep pieces small for scrap quilts.

I can salvage the green top, though.

Shrek panel

to the rescue

A friend had given me some boy-friendly fabrics that included Shrek panels. Obviously I worked very hard to find matching Shrek green pieces for a pieced back. Right? And even though we usually try to avoid flowers in boy quilts, I think these will be okay, overpowered by the other blocks and panel. And I often wonder if other cultures are as fussy as we are about what is for boys and what for girls.

Of course girls probably enjoyed the Shrek movie too.  I’ll admit that I find it annoying that boy things are okay for girls, but not vice versa.

Now what to do with the orange?


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16 responses to “Not All Design Decisions Are Good

  1. Ah, yes. Not all choices are created equal. I don’t think it is as bad as you are making it out to be. But, you are the quilter and know best for you.

  2. How about adding some applique to the org quilt?

  3. Glad you could salvage the green! Maybe the orange could find it’s way into some small Thanksgiving projects.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. I like them. But there can never be too much orange in my life. After quilting they will look good to you. Smile, some child will love your quilts whether or not you do.

  5. quilt32

    I agree with Diane that these will be great for some child – and kids love bright colors.

  6. It is always a fun challenge to try and make a quilt that is not working into something you are happy with. If all else fails you can always donate the quilts to a local charity. Someone will love them.

  7. The orange and brown one makes me think of Tootsie rolls…my mother’s favorite. Just go with it!

  8. dezertsuz

    I don’t think either one is bad, and I don’t even like orange! Children would love them, too. I presumed you were making these for Debra? Because they are perfect for her Bambi project. Shrek is always good. =)

  9. Someone told me once that if you don’t like a project, it’s because it isn’t finished. It didn’t make a lot of sense to me at the time, but I get it now. I know this is way out of the box, but I like the applique idea mentioned above, but I’m thinking big. Like a big silhouette of a cowboy appliqued onto the orange/brown/blue top, then quilt the heck out of it. You might surprise yourself.

  10. cleanfloors

    I don’t think they are that bad! A kid will love them. But I do agree that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

  11. I kinda liked the green and I have no doubt that any child would be thrilled with either. Even if you don’t love the colors, you have to admit that you did a stellar job piecing them.

  12. I have some quiltideas that didn´t work out at all 🙂 Now they are in a box and maybe one day I´ll like them (LOL)
    Gun, Sweden

  13. Your comment, “lime is the new neutral” cracked me up–oh, yes. I do remember that one, and I have the stack of black/white fat quarters and the lime solid to prove it. Never got made. Maybe that’s best sometimes? I used to have lots of fails, but limited time and energy forces me to work on ones I consider potentially successful. There’s always something to be learned from a fail, I think. Great post.

    🙂 Elizabeth

  14. Howling at the lime green being the new neutral, LOL!! Funny stuff. Visiting from Val’s Tuesday archive.

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