Nosey Neighbor

Mona at window

Ever vigilant

Look who keeps watch at NE. 30th and NE. Alberta. [ETA ‘N’ to ‘NE’ in the interest of accuracy.]

Every time I am in this neighborhood, I wish for my camera; today I had it. And I got a Fall photo of my favorite tree.

fall pine shotIf I were a true Oregonian instead of a transplant from two years ago, I could tell you what type fir/pine it is. As it is, it is my favorite tree in the neighborhood, and that is good enough.



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6 responses to “Nosey Neighbor

  1. Love the neighborhood watch! That is one amazingly tall tree.

  2. The doorway is really clever and there’s nothing better than a nice, tall, healthy tree.

  3. I love trees and I remember the first time I ever saw a monkey tail tree in Victoria, BC – I think I squealed in delight. That is a great shot of the neighborhood and its big tree (no matter what it is!).
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  4. Cher

    great photos! love that tree…

  5. Love the nosy neighbor. What a clever solution to an old problem, of privacy while in your home. Great photo — thanks!

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