A Different Sort of Round Robin

I have probably mentioned that I really enjoy Round Robins. Till now, I’ve participated in traditional ones where one starts with a center block, usually 12 x 12, and sends matching fabric along with it, and members each add a border. Sometimes the size of border is stated; sometimes more directions, like a border using triangles; an applique border.

This one is an “improvi robin.”  The only rule is No Whining.  The starter has no predetermined size.  The additions can be most anything, minimum, add something to one side.

So here is the starter I sent out.

improvi robin start block

10 x 12

It will be about 5 months till I get it back with four additions. We do post photos on Threadbias in the Improvi Robin group, but that gives only a hint. I am eager to see it in real life. It seemed appropriate to do an unconventional block for such an unconventional project (though conventional was okay too).

This is the starter I received:

improvi robin start 2

14x 13

Another unconventional block–even the flying geese are irregular. And the words on the medium fabric are, “Blah, blah, blah.” Plan A was to put something on the top for the triangles to be pointing to, but it seemed too close.  One challenge of knowing there are borders to follow is to not do something appropriate for ending too soon. So I moved to Plan B.

improvi robin 2-2


You can see I used some of the Blah-blah fabric.  We had the choice of sending along fabric or not and of using it or not. I do like the continuity of seeing at least a small bit used throughout.

I have received a starter plus one addition, but I’ll wait to show it till I can also show what I added.



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3 responses to “A Different Sort of Round Robin

  1. This sounds like a blast. I’ll have to head over to Threadbias and take a look. Love what you added btw.

  2. I LOVE your addition! It looks like buildings falling over, actually. LOL Or maybe looking at a skyline that has a bridge abutment in the way. I don’t do well with things that aren’t *something*, so my mind makes it into something. Your starter is definitely sunshine and rainbows. =) Great idea!

  3. that blah, blah fabric is awesome. I love your additions to the improv geese starter, and the one you sent with the rainbow fabric as well!

    I’m so happy you shared at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

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