July Bee Blocks

The plan for the week was to quilt a top using what I had learned in the class at Sisters, and then the next project was to make my Bee blocks. Three quarters of the way through the quilting and the end of the week modified my plans. The Bee blocks had a time frame; the quilting did not. Besides, I was practicing, not racing. 🙂

I read the original of the pattern, here, then printed out the paper piecing form.  Since I’d not done paper piecing for a LONG time, I did a trial run before going to Sisters.

Mini Trajectory block

I had a wee bit of pink left and added green and added the block to the June Block Lotto package.I managed to remember the steps of the paper piecing process and relaxed.

Last night I shifted from quilting to paper piecing and made my two Bee blocks.

Bee project

The practice one went together more smoothly than the real one; it often seems to happen that way.  Still they are finished and in the mail.

Now, to return the quilting foot to the machine or to piece a bit more ?. . . leaning to the latter.



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7 responses to “July Bee Blocks

  1. Sue

    I really like those Bee Blocks – want to see it again when more of the blocks are laid out. I would piece more blocks – those points are really SHARP!

  2. The Sassy Quilter

    Such cool blocks, the pattern will look great i think. Snazzy:)

  3. Hey, I know!! Awesome practice run. . . troubles with the real thing. . . perfectly natural, eh? Fun green there, and the others really make me think of the Steelers for some reason – which is really weird since I’m no sports fan. . . ;D

  4. Cher

    good for you to get your blocks done…and they turned out great

  5. These are going to be great when the blocks are all together. I just did a non-paper pieced variation myself.

  6. Oh what a lovely block!

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