More Sand in the City

I made it back to Pioneer Courthouse Square for a better look at the sand sculpture. Not only was the light mostly better, but I could get closer now.  Off to the side, sculpture was still being created, so those who had not been here yesterday could see the process. Children could still play in the sand.

If there was a theme, I couldn’t fine the information. I did learn that the second place, the silver rake, had gone to “On the Right Track(s)” that I has pictured yesterday, created by OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry). The third place, the bronze bucket, went to “Nemo.”


I think this one was “Nemo.”

If anyone else posts a different “Nemo,” believe them.

bear in grass skirtThe hula bear was fun; notice the ocean wave to her left, the bear tanning on the beach and the swimmers up front.

Ocean wave detailHere is a better look at the ocean wave.

bear and squirrelNote the different textures that were created.

mice and cheeseI expected this one to be “Who Moved My Cheese,” but it was “Don’t be Cheesy.” Cute mice.

boy and trainThe dog patiently waits while the boy plays with his train.

Front view of boy and trainThe other side of the boy and his train. The train was headed to Hillsboro, and we have a light-rail train that indeed ends its route at Hillsboro, but beyond that I don’t know of any significance. It would be nice to have stories somewhere, like artist statements at exhibitions.

front view of alligator under bedHere is a better view than yesterday’s of the alligator under the bed. The title, I learned, was “Imagination is my Super Power.”

campers and fireThe title of this one is “Please Don’t Feed the Bears.” The campers sit by their camp fire oblivious to the two bears driving their car away.  I didn’t take a photo of the bears because they had lost their noses. It was the only casualty I noticed. I was actually surprised there wasn’t some spraying of water to help preserve the sculptures–they will be up tomorrow too.

detail of campfireThe campfire creation was impressive; inside the flames was hollow.

It was definitely worth a second trip to me. I hope you think so too.


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