Sand in the City

Today’s excursion was to the beach     downtown Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square for Sand in the City. I would like to have seen the pile of sand before teams moved it to their areas.

Crowds and teams

The 19 teams were identified by different colored T-shirts, creating quite a visual feast. I got there about an hour before ending time, so I got to see some action as well as the finished creations. Off to the side was a large sand filled area where young children happily played in the sand, sand-sculptors in training.

Tracks sculptureI love the serious mouth of the kid to the right.

Nike entryThis Nike entry we could recognize because they included the Swoosh. It ended up winning the Golden Shovel, the first place.

Alligator under bedThe alligator hiding under the child’s bed was my favorite. People hovered so that I never saw its real title, but it sure made me think of Where The Wild Things Are. Finished sculpturesAll finished except the clean up; waiting for the judging.

I may have to return tomorrow as there were many I could not photograph because the light wasn’t right. Summer is a great time to be in Portland.


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3 responses to “Sand in the City

  1. quilt32

    I love this type of exhibit – this looks much larger than any I’ve seen.

  2. Cher

    may have to go downtown myself and check this out today…I think I will take the max if I decide to do so…thanks so much for sharing the wonderful photos!

  3. Chicago Gabe

    The sculptures look really nice; I find sand and ice sculptures fascinating.

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