Head of the Metolius River

Metolius River just beyond headAfter following the trail to the head of the Metolius, this is the first view. It was my first time to visit the head of any river, and I expected something more like a trickle! In the actual view, one of the mountains was off in the distance, farther away than my camera can “see.” Turning to the left I saw the actual head, the springs bubbling forth.

head of metolius RiverThere really is water down there in those shadows.  It pours out and almost instantly is a river. Our cabin at Cool Springs Resort was a few miles on down, and the rushing water was a very soothing sound. There was a trail from the resort area to the head, but we opted to drive to a paved and accessible trail with a shorter walk.

TrailNext year we will allow more time for nature when we go to the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. From what we did see, we could tell it is worth more time than we gave it.




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4 responses to “Head of the Metolius River

  1. quilt32

    The first picture is stunning.

  2. Love this part of Oregon! 🙂

  3. Cher

    perhaps next year we can plan on seeing each other while you are up there! I have never gone to this part, how gorgeous!

  4. dezertsuz

    How wonderful! The photos are gorgeous. I’ve always loved that area. The back road over the mountain is terrific (from Sisters back toward the road that goes through Weed and Mt. Shasta), but I haven’t seen the river you show here, though.

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