Classes at Sisters’ Quilting Affair

I felt totally inspired by both of my classes this week at Sisters: Line Dance with Rosalie Dace and Machine Quilting with Barbara Schapel.

Rosalie began Line Dance with a lecture on types of line–way more types than I have ever thought of before! The lecture was accompanied with samples from her work. I have never been a fan of raw edge or hanging threads, but they truly made sense where she had put them, so I will consider using them. After her talk, we were instructed to go and make as many different kinds of line as we could.

Line practice

First line practice

I didn’t get great variety because it took a long time to make the broken line to the left, the one that most fascinated me. I started with an out-take from the architecture quilt upper left corner and have yet to decide how much of the curve shape I will keep. I kept trying to make the skinny lines Rosalie had demonstrated, but was too wimpy to cut the fabric slim enough. I got the gentle curves and wide lines fine. Maybe too wide. Still pondering whether/how to narrow the fat checked line. Still pondering whether to add more orange at the upper right, and if so how much. Still pondering shape of the right side.

After lunch Rosalie gave us the choice of designing from our photos (if we were product people) or continuing to experiment with types of line (if we were process people). I consider myself a process person, but I really wanted to play from my photos. I selected this one.

Fire escape

Look at the lines of that fire escape!

Being fascinated with the fire escape, and wanting to try thread lines, I started a new project.

Stair lines

I got my lines thinner, used raw edged cranberry and a brown hand-embroidered line echoing the above orange one. I consider this one finished except for quilting. I have a plan for the right: hand big stitch brown and cranberry on the lower half and orange horizontal on the upper. By the time that is finished, I’ll have an idea for the orange side.

Line Dance was a two-day class. On the second day Rosalie presented 3D lines and her design process. Always she made it clear that she was reporting her process and that other processes could work equally well. I really appreciated how she allowed freedom to our various approaches and ideas throughout, making suggestions that were really suggestions with reasons given instead of giving directions. When we shifted to working, I pulled out a sketch I had made from the Ponderosa pines in our cabin yard and tried to work from it.

Lines from treesBecause I didn’t adapt the width of the strips in proportion to the length of my fabric, I ended up with a very sharp curve and had to <gasp> rip out and <double gasp> pin to get it sewn. Generally Rosalie’s technique for sewing gentle curves did not require pins. The class supply list had included novelty yarns and I really wanted to use the purple eyelash yarn; it seemed good for the far right tree that still had lower branches.  I may finish this piece or chalk it up to experience, not sure yet.

Barbara Schapel’s Machine Quilting class was equally satisfying. We had brought a 30 x 30 piece to practice patterns on and she demonstrated a variety of fill patterns.  She had a very logical progression of pattern where we could use something learned from one and adapt it to the next. I ended up making a pretty decent pebble pattern and can’t wait to use it on something. Now I can finally get to quilting some of the finished tops that have been so patiently waiting


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5 responses to “Classes at Sisters’ Quilting Affair

  1. Wow you did a class with Rosalie Dace! I did a class with her earlier this year, I belong to a Quilt of witch she is a founding member, here in South Africa

  2. Cher

    we saw a lot of quilts at the show from workshops taken with her-Rosalie. I am so glad you had a chance to take Barbara’s quilting class, she remains my favorite all time teacher (for machine quilting) -I loved that she and I had the same machine even.

  3. dezertsuz

    I like the line pieces you did. On that first one? What about a very skinny orange line that angles opposite the brown ones, making an upside-down V, and just from the top where they’d meet to about six inches down the side? I just keep seeing that when I look at the piece. =) I look forward to what you see. Love the tree piece, too. You did a great job with classwork!

  4. wow! your projects are so neat and modern. I love it!
    Thank you so much for sharing at Needle and Thread Thursday!

    🙂 Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  5. Great job! I love that fire escape quilting.

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