Almost Missed a Deadline

I had meant to enter something in the Threadbias current challenge to use their Design Tool to create a quilt from Allison Harris’ Wallflower line for Windham fabrics. I had started back when the challenge was announced. Last night, Friday, they sent a blog reminder of the ending tomorrow, Sunday. It had slipped my mind with getting ready for Sisters.  Luckily I had some free time (yes I am almost all packed two days early) so I produced this:

Entry design

In the Fullness of Time

I don’t always select fabric from a designer’s line, but this one is sure tempting–I like the related variety and how they work together. The extra inner border to the right is there because I did my math wrong and had an extra inch. I was too far along to redo–just like real life quilting.

After entering, I browsed other entries and admired several. There is one that blows me away, and I would love to make it, all except for the spot where the points meet–Wallflower Reflection Quilt. I’d have to do some skill building first. Entries are visible from the “Wallflowers Quilt Design Contest” forum.

Some people have finished tangible quilts–check out the links to the right.



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4 responses to “Almost Missed a Deadline

  1. Florence

    It’s beautiful Claire – love the fabric!
    My quick fix (if a quilt is not for judging), sometimes you can get away with taking a matching permanent marking fabric pen and coloring in small spots to cover up little boo-boo’s.

  2. Cher

    I looked at your favorite and it is do-able via paper piecing…a lot of work however. Some designs are more achievable in a design program than in real life. It is not something that would inspire me personally to tackle making. But, I do agree taking on a pattern that develops/sharpens your skill building is a great challenge to take on.

  3. The Sassy Quilter

    Looks fine! Didn’t notice border till I read it. Love the fabrics.

  4. Sue

    I love that quilt – very creative too. Sounds like you put it together in quick time too Claire. Nice to hear your in the Portland Modern Quilt Guild. I don’t want to start one here, but would join if there was one.

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