We Interrupt this Program (Architecture Challenge) to Present Lotto Blocks

It is block lotto time again, and the colors for June are pink and green. Green I have a plenty, but no pink. So I wasn’t going to play. But a friend offered me some pink, so I have 8 blocks made.
Lotto blocks

I will probably make two more.  I need to practice paper piecing. I am so excited to be joining up with Simply Solids Bee, and July’s block is to be paper pieced. If I am going to practice anyway, it might as well be green and pink.

I was on a roll, making “made fabric” for the architecture challenge, so I continued for lotto blocks. When multitasking, I’ve been plodding along with not much to show for it. But I have been working.  I have two of the three sections of “made fabric” made for the architecture challenge quilt and all the triangles for the border for the charity top I started earlier. (Here if you missed it.)

"made fabric"   Making this gave me 40 HSTs as leaders and enders.HSTsAnd now that the lotto blocks are finished, there are 32 cutaway triangles that will become HSTs as leaders and enders.  I really need to cut about 200 1 1/2 inch by 3 1/2 inch neutrals; once that is done, there will be no limit to leaders and enders.

The plan is to finish both the architecture challenge and the charity quilt this week. At least to finish both tops. I’m a wee bit leery about inserting circles. I’ve done it before on blocks using singlefabric; this time I’ll be cutting into the back of the whole quilt for each and the circle will be “made fabric.”  I am not sure how much the pieced nature will affect setting the circle in. Guess the sooner I get to it, the sooner I will learn.






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3 responses to “We Interrupt this Program (Architecture Challenge) to Present Lotto Blocks

  1. Looks like you are really having fun. I was into “making fabric” a couple of challenges ago and I had lots of fun with it and still make fabric when my drawer gets full. I love the concept of using it to make HST’s. Can’t wait to see how you finish. Your sunshine blocks are very nice!

  2. Cher

    progress! nice blocks and good for you to work on leaders/enders as well.
    enjoy the new bee adventure

  3. dezertsuz

    You have surely challenged yourself with the architecture quilt, but you seem to be on a roll! Love your lotto blocks – different lotto from the one I do – but I wouldn’t have a lot of pink, either. Some bits of raspberry left from a project. Lots of green, though! Your centers are great.

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