I distract so easily…

So I thought I’d have two finished by the end of the week. Nope. I read. I shopped. I visited. I knitted, then unknitted when the fit wasn’t right. And next Tuesday is book discussion group, so I need to read some more. And blogging instead of sewing seems a good reason–umm excuse–to procrastinate a bit. But meanwhile I did figure out what to do with the three left over blocks. What do you do when you have three and need four? Cut one in half, attach it to an oversized triangle, and end  up with two blocks the same size as the other 6 1/2 inch blocks.

quilt top with added row

You won’t have any trouble finding the block I cut in half to make it into two and the kinda, sorta matching, unmatched fabric . Here is the earlier version if you want to compare. The style is growing more primitive in honor of the make-do tradition.

Have you made any quilt tops where you had to make do? Do tell about them.

I also found time to dive into my stash for border fabrics.  The new organization is still working. I am sure one reason I am quilting more this year than last is that I can find something when I need it.

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One response to “I distract so easily…

  1. Cher

    it is a huge help to be able to find what you need. good for you!

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