“Made Fabric” and Charity Top

quilt topHere is another starter from the deep past. It was part of the Multiple-of-Three challenge that brought me about three groupings of blocks. These were unified by the cute blue bug print, and they played better together than with others. At present it is 24 x 36 and needs to be 40 x 60. I have three more blocks–can’t make a row, nor can I do cornerstones for a border, but I will do SOMETHING.

I think if I plan a pieced border for this quilt I can use the pieces as leaders and enders while I continue on the “made fabric” for the architecture quilt challenge. Meanwhile, I have started with these “crumbs”:

"Crumbs"     I spent much of yesterday afternoon starting to assemble them. In spite of having faithfully read “Fifteen Minutes of Play” blog, I’ve never sat down to sew these small pieces for 15 minutes because I’d not sorted the crumbs. Finally that sorting is finished.

For fun I timed the first fifteen minutes. Two small pieces is all I had completed.Beginning "made fabric"

I kept on sewing,  and after I laid out what I had so far,  I decided it would be wise to confirm the exact shape I’d be using and to make the background so I’d see exactly what would be next to what. “Random” isn’t really in my vocabulary.

Prints give me great difficulty when I am considering value. These are all “light” but certainly not the same. And since the values are not the same, I’ll have to be careful where I place the whiter pieces and the darker. I could rip out the outliers, but I think they will add interest. Looking at these, you’d never guess that my first plan was all solids. I had very few light solids, and light is the value I wanted. “Adapt” is in my vocabulary.








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6 responses to ““Made Fabric” and Charity Top

  1. quilt32

    Adapt is one of my favorite words for quilting and everything else in life.

  2. I like what you have going on with your crumbs. So you are combining two projects, did I read that right? The crumbs colors look so calming to sew with. Solids are usually far from my mind…I’m busy and like to show that in my projects…Looking good knitNkwilt. I had to do a double look when you left a comment on my blog….wondered why I was leaving a comment to myself LOL! Sandi

  3. dezertsuz

    Both projects have such interesting possibilities.

  4. Cher

    like how these are coming along!

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