Portland Annual Rose Parade

It is Rose Parade weekend.  Since I don’t like standing to watch parades (and sitting is too expensive), I was glad to learn that some of the floats are on display today and tomorrow for a close up look.  All the decorations have to be organic.  “Solid” surfaces are created with things like seeds, grains, rice–natural color and dyed.  Themes were “Celebrate Oregon,” “Celebrate Culture,” and “Celebrate Service.” On many floats, “celebrate” was presented as “party.”

aligator floatReeses  Fine Food wants to make your party easy with their potato salad–see it in the alligator’s hand? Title of float is “Find your Party Animal.”

rose-aligator detailHere is a close up of the scales.

The culture theme was well represented.

ToriiThis one marks the 25th anniversary of the Portland-Kaohsiung Sister City Association. The dragon boat replica in the top front reminds of the races held at Waterfront Park–I was too late for them this year. Maybe next year.

Vietnamese Community float

Vietnamese Community Float

I take photos of descriptions to help me remember details; unfortunately, I made too much of a shadow on the picture to be able to read the rest. So I don’t have any more of the exact names of floats.

Fred Meyer floatSee the lamp post?  Here are the real ones it copied.

real lamp postThese lamp posts decorate all of Old Town. I think the background bridge is the Hawthorne Bridge. (Sorry, I haven’t learned my bridges yet.) I took the photo for the architecture detail for a quilt class at Sisters. I am to bring photos of line design. The lamp was a lucky extra.

renewable energy floatPGE is the local electric company. I think I have the number right–30 % of our energy is from renewable sources. Love the icon for wind up front. The water drop is hiding behind the sun.

Spirit Mountain floatAnd a close up of the roses:

rose detail

I am sure I got a better view of the floats this way, though I did miss the bands and other groups. It was a great way to spend a sunny afternoon.






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8 responses to “Portland Annual Rose Parade

  1. dezertsuz

    I love the last one. Not only is the float beautiful, but I can’t resist … well, it isn’t a pun, but the take off Dances With Wolves.

  2. Joyce Mosby

    I have never been to the parade. I live in Vancouver. My son works it every year. He owns the Doner Haus and sells sandwiches down at
    Waterfront park. I loved seeing your pictures. Thank you.

  3. Great pictures!!! We have something similar with mostly flowers. It is called : “bloemencorso”. Just google it for pictures!

  4. quilt32

    Thank you for sharing the floats with us. I love parades but I hate having the wait forever for them to begin.

  5. What fun pictures! Love the Vietnamese float and the Dragon and then that last shot is just gorgeous! You’re right, it’s a fun way to spend the afternoon!

  6. You’re right–it is a dragon. I’d processed as dragon at the exhibit, then thought no, alligator, when looking at the photo of the head. But, not shown here, the tail is a dragon’s tail.

  7. Cher

    great photos…much better than being in the crowds!

  8. Florence

    Glad you made the trip to see the floats up close and personal – it makes a big difference in appreciation! I was lucky enough to spend about five years decorating our floats here when young. The all-nighters and minut details were brutal, and fun!

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