More Block Lotto Winnings Quilts

12/16/14 ETA: The blue/tan/red/white top was partly a Leader and Ender project. Because I was quilting this month I didn’t do much with current LEs. But I hope you enjoy seeing what LEs can become. Linking With A Quilting Chick’s Leader and Ender Challenge.

When the lotto-block squishy arrives in the mail, the first thing I do is try to find groups of 9 or 12 that go well together since that is the easiest and quickest way to make a top. Then I group what is left into possible top combinations and set them aside for adding “something” to “sometime.” Because I have the lotto box out, I’m looking at all those groups that have been patiently waiting.

And this is one that I chose to work with. starter lotto blocksThese were from two projects, an ancient bright  lotto and a misguided challenge.  I’d issued the challenge when I wanted to make a sampler quilt of very random blocks, colors, and sizes. What I received was neither random enough nor coordinated enough.  So I made groups and set them aside.  I did finish one that sort of hit what I had had in mind.  It was helped along by the extra stuff in auction packets. There were some cut and trimmed HSTs and some red and tan squares. I started making pinwheel and 9-patch blocks as leaders and enders, then I used some squares in three 54-40-or-Fight blocks and ended up with this top.

primitive sampler topThat was fun.  But you can see I couldn’t have combined the pink and aqua small pieces into it. So they waited.  No new blocks came my way to try to mingle with them, so I went to my stash to see what might work.

Fabrics   Plenty of potential here; however, most pieces are fat quarters, eighth-yard cuts, or left over scraps. So I can’t do anything that takes a lot of one fabric.  I am lucky in that the two aqua/rose blocks were the ones I entered, so I have some matching fabric still. They looked bright to me at the time, but are a totally different bright than the clear crayon colors that most of the other bright blocks used. And an aside: I am pleased to report that the new organization made it easy to dig in the stash.

The only progress I have made is to eliminate the pink smaller blocks–nothing wrong with them; I just didn’t have enough to work with them. And in its place I made an Old-Tippecanoe block.

Modified blocks--a starter

Better. A little disappointed that my Old-Tippecanoe block isn’t as saturated as the Sawtooth-Star block, but it will do. Symmetry remains very appealing to me, though I do work on asymmetrical sometimes. I’m thinking square-in-a-square and courthouse steps, but am not committed to either. Nor am I committed to the 9-patch arrangement. With something so open ended, I clearly needed some instant gratification somewhere. So I assembled a set of 9 that went together all by themselves, using what we in Sunshine (see link to right) call the “Tammy” setting. (She says it was inspired by something she had seen in the distant past and modified–have you seen it before, and if so do you remember where?)

green lotto blocks in top

Tammy usually uses squares to make a pieced border, but this quilt (and quilter) wanted the simplicity of 12 whole pieces.


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7 responses to “More Block Lotto Winnings Quilts

  1. I’m always interested to see what other people do with varied blocks, since I get a lot of odd things for American Hero donations. You did a great job with that one, and I look forward to seeing what this new one will become.

  2. Cher

    the setting reminds me of the disappearing 9 patch block overall…at any rate, great job putting these blocks together -are you going to add any borders?

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  4. I love how you used leaders/enders to finish up that quilt. And I really love the way it came together. Thanks so much for linking up!

  5. dezertsuz

    I remember those! They still look good today! =)

  6. Our quilt guild is having a garage sale at our quilt show in March. I know there will be orphaned blocks available. You have shown me several ways in which I could redeem them into a quilt top!

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