Small Projects

Up till now I have avoided block-of-the-month prompts, but last month at Portland Modern Quilt Guild there was a pattern I could not resist: Heather’s Mod Spring Block. The name makes more sense with her color choices, but mine reflect the three colorways for guild charity quilts: scrappy, rainbow, and black-white-with a touch of bright.

Block 1

Scrappy on muslin

Quilt block 2

Rainbow–mixed background

Quilt block 3

Black and white print with red

I am least satisfied with the black and white print plus red version. If I make another I’ll keep the same value of the black-on-white print in the background. The rainbow version works a little better because the three backgrounds are closer in value. Single background with floating shapes works the best.

I have an idea for a twin quilt using a strip of this block down one side. I’ll file it away with my other ideas. Maybe it will materialize or maybe it will remain conceptual art.

The pattern works up easily. I didn’t like pressing the seams open, so may try pressing them to the side when doing it for myself. I can’t wait till tomorrow to see what others have done with the pattern!

And I assembled one of the tops from the green  March lotto blocks that I won.

Quilt top

The three blocks with the green-blue-orange wavy print were from an earlier lotto group. I liked them a lot, but they didn’t play well with the others I received at that time.  This is the group they were waiting for. That print prompted the orange sashing. The pinwheels were leaders and enders, made from the triangles snipped off of flying geese blocks. It is a good thing I needed only four.  I’ll bind the quilt in orange. A border would have been too much, but a 3/8 binding seems just right. Of course I have to quilt it first; that pile is growing.








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6 responses to “Small Projects

  1. dezertsuz

    I like the black, white and red one the best. I might like it a little more if the red were in the middle, but the variations in the black and white backgrounds seem perfect to me! Making progress on that quilt!

    • Red in the middle was a consideration–the main reason I didn’t go with it was that I wanted the other two backgrounds adjacent and wanted the black-gray-red background with the red link. However, either of those could have been changed. I’m hoping that others making the blocks place the bright in each of the three positions so that in the whole quilt there will be variety in position. (Glad you like the block better than I did. 🙂

  2. Looks like you’ve been having fun!

  3. Cher

    and I prefer the black, white, and red arrangement just as you dd it -well done on all three blocks!

  4. Ann

    This is a wonderful block!. I like all your versions! My guild is having a negative space challenge. I will have to keep this is mind. 🙂

  5. The rainbow block is especially striking. It would look great jumbo sized into an entire quilt.

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