A Finish and a Kickstart

The turtle triathalon fabric from a week ago Sunday has become a finished top. It would have been finished sooner if I hadn’t taken three days to reorganize my stash.

turtle quilt top

I ended up leaving the pieces as is and playing with irregular placement. I don’t think I saved any time that way, but I rather like the effect.  It was meant to be a quilt to practice free motion quilting on.  It has two problems for that: solids show quilting and the high contrast means that either I’ll change thread (which I hate) or the quilting will show on one color or the other. Not a great practice piece. I’ll repeat my mantra, the kids don’t care, as I quilt it.

I had a yard of the solid and this is how much was left.scraps left over I was holding my breath till I saw I had enough to get to 40 x 60, the size I had decided on making. I guess I’ll have to rethink my purchase amounts when I am buying without a plan in mind.

More exciting than the finish is that I won the lotto blocks for March, color requirement–green. I have some left over blocks from a previous winning when the assigned color was “brights” that I knew I could probably mix with them, so I was especially hoping for a win this time around. So I have been playing with arrangements. I started with the greens.

Lotto blocks 1

I think these will work together. The blocks are 12-inch square, so I’ll add sashing and border to get it up to size.Not sure what color/colors I’ll be using yet–bright blue maybe.  Then I mixed the greens and brights for two more layouts.

lotto greens and brignts 1

lotto green and bright layout 2I have a new bright orange that I think will work with these two. Tomorrow I will dig in the newly organized stash and see if my re-sorting has made it easier to find fabrics to use! And of course, I will rearrange them a time or two before I start sewing.  I do enjoy playing with a mix of blocks and working to make a unified quilt that looks like it was planned from the start. I like the head start that comes with having the blocks already made.

The resulting quilts will go to Sunshine, an online charity quilt guild.

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4 responses to “A Finish and a Kickstart

  1. Florence

    It’s all wonderful, and looks like you have so much fun. Yea! And, I think you could use a dark red thread all over on the turtles quilt for your FMQ. As you said, the kids won’t care, so it is a good practice piece. So, no excuses, just go at it because it’s also great fun to play with thread!

  2. dezertsuz

    I love your green blocks, especially that Ohio Star. It makes me want to make more Ohio Stars!

  3. Congratulations on your win! Your layouts look good.

    You’re right, the kids don’t care!

  4. I enjoyed reading about the Sunshine charity! THanks for sharing this under our Charity theme.

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