Butterfly Out-takes

Once in the dim past at a quilt retreat, a friend was making a butterfly quilt. It was the kind of pattern where you cut rectangles, make diagonal seams, and whack off triangles. No, she had no plans for the triangles. So they became my Leaders and Enders. Since she had coordinated the colors, I wanted to use them in a single project. They languished because I don’t often use cream colored thread, but they finally got their turn. And their press, and some got their trim.

I played with arrangements.

Depression Block

Depression Block

Balkan Puzzle quilt block

Balkan Puzzle

Those were two of the best, both known old patterns. A true “depression block” would have varied neutrals as well, but I was using what I had (surely a depression value). Balkan Puzzle has long been a favorite, and I will make one someday. But it is really an all over pattern, not suitable for three size triangles and varied size blocks, as was my initial intent.

When I started to trim the smaller HSTs I realized that most were half of the larger HST size. That started a new design search. And I returned to the Flock-of-Geese block that I had done for a previous challenge.

Quilt blocks--Flock of Geese

Four Flock-of-Geese blocks

This seemed the most efficient use. (I was actually amazed at how little space could be covered by that apparently large stack I’d just trimmed.) Now the question is whether there will be enough for an infant quilt or maybe a slightly larger child quilt…more trimming will tell.

I almost started to sew the small triangles together, thinking to arrange in pregrouped four-patch blocks. But I could see some real stand-out fabrics, so I decided to wait till all were trimmed and laid out on the design wall. I could see that the green with the cranberry dot would need to be well distributed; it seemed the most demanding. Bright pink came next and then dark aqua.  Tune in “soon” to see what comes of it.  First I must bind the golf quilt before I get too serious about stitching these HSTs.

I think it qualifies as new because it wasn’t really a project until I could start laying them out. So I’ll be linking with New FO today (where Kate #8 has a butterfly that looks very like the origin of my HSTs though made by a different method).

4/21/15 It has gotten this far–still needs a border and quilting, etc.   Since I’m “slacking” on the leaders and enders front (quilting doesn’t give much opportunity to progress), I’m showing an old L & E  and scrappy project for Leaders and Enders Tuesday and Oh Scrap! Sunday.  Buttons in sidebar.


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14 responses to “Butterfly Out-takes

  1. Love the fabrics! Really nice!

  2. Ah, those seductive “waste” triangles. I can never leave them alone either. I like all of your possibilities.

  3. How cute! Great idea! Thanks for linking up today!

  4. quilt32

    Love seeing how you work out what you want to do and I’ll be anxious to see the finished quilt.

  5. kate

    Fun ideas for all those triangles. The flying geese concept is my favorite.

  6. Love seeing your ideas! It is so fun to work with “free fabric”. Can’t wait to see the finished top – I think you are right to wait to sew things together.

  7. Pat

    These fabrics and colors play so well together – lots of possibilities. I love the flying geese layout.

  8. Wow – this is really cool. I love the cast-off triangles. 😀 Big collector of them.

  9. Love the fabrics. You have a lot of options with those little blocks!

  10. I love the new layout! I think it is perfect! So many options. Thanks for linking up with Leaders/Enders!

  11. dezertsuz

    Okay, you had me running in circles trying to find the NewFO link, when I thought she had quit. Way to make my brain work, Claire!

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