What could be more fun than quilting or knitting?

Baby watching, of course!


New grandson

He is about a week old here.  The times don’t last long where every yawn, smile, frown –even cry face–is cute. Enjoy it while we may…

So, not only did I not do quilting, but I didn’t do much of the planned knitting either.  I had totally forgotten how much time newborns take.  Also I had to cram cuddling in since I’d be there only a month.

And then I returned home to the design wall (previous post) with modifying ideas, so I haven’t begun that “starter” project immediately. Instead I am working on a Sunshine challenge. (Sunshine blog here). The challenge is this: One member sends out fat quarters or other amounts of fabric; we who receive them make blocks and send them back. S/he then assembles the blocks into tops, and in this case also quilts and binds them. My selections of fabric (the two prints) had arrived while I was away.

Jacob's Ladder quilt block

Jacob’s Ladder

I’ve used most of the darker print on four of these Jacob’s Ladder blocks; there is almost a half yard of the pumpkin print to plan. I like the planning phase (and when relevant, the hunting and gathering for fabric), but then the process feels “ho hum” until I get to the stage where I can lay out the block and actually see how my idea works. So I am ready to roll with this one. And there is a plan–using lots of half square triangles–for the remaining gray. Lots of “ho hum” cutting, marking, stitching, pressing, and trimming before I can get excited about that one.

I have pondered why these challenges work. I think there is something about the limitation of having to use one or two preselected fabrics that pushes design juices more than the overchoice of one’s whole stash. There is the obvious end: when the sent fabric is used up you are finished. And there is the sense of obligation.

I am guessing on the originator’s end, there is again the freedom from thinking through one’s whole stash and selecting a pattern, replaced by the use of the palette of blocks received. And the challenge of making blocks that were made by various people work together.

I’m linking up with WIP Wednesday; click the link to the side and check on what others are working on today.



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4 responses to “What could be more fun than quilting or knitting?

  1. Adorable grandbaby! I wouldn’t get anything done either!

  2. Lovely blocks and baby 🙂

  3. Lovely block…. But the picture of your new grandson is priceless!

  4. Paula Wedig

    Lovely Grandson! I also layout the bits of blocks to see how it will turn out. BTW, I have a new granddaughter coming in May! But I will only get a week to enjoy her!

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